This is old news but still very exciting for women’s racing.

Exergy Development Group continues to expand its reach into cycling this week and Tuesday becomes the title sponsor of the U.S. Gran Prix of Cyclocross….

Series event director Joan Hanscom said that Exergy’s support of women’s cycling lined up perfectly with the USGP….

With Exergy’s entry, the series will offer equal prize lists to the top finishers of the men’s and women’s elite fields, something Hanscom called a necessity for the energy conglomerate’s involvement.

This past weekend was the USGP series opener and Katerina Nash won both days in Sun Prairie. Georgia came in 2nd. Jeremy Powers came in 3rd on Saturday and 9th on Sunday.

Full report on Saturday’s race here and Sunday’s race here.

© Amy Dykema

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Powers opted to always stay on his bike, while Trebon ran the barriers and stairs. © Amy Dykema

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USGP race venues are like no other. I can’t wait for Derby Cup. I am working the race again, hope to see some of you out there.

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  1. Missed out on that we were racing MTB’s in Minnesota,, Though to have world class cycling 2 hours away and not make it… Great to hear that the wheels roll strong in Wisco..