United States of America Awarded 2015 UCI Road World Cycling Championships

Looks like I had better start saving for a new liver now.

Richmond, Virginia has been selected to host the 2015 Road World Championships. The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), competitive cycling’s governing body, selected Richmond after a competitive bid process that included the country of Oman.

“Richmond is thrilled to be selected to host the 2015 Road World Cycling Championships, joining a list of great cities like Madrid, Florence and Copenhagen,” said Richmond Mayor, Dwight C. Jones. “Bicycling, for transport and fitness, has been an important focus of my administration. Hosting the World Championships will help bring Richmond one step closer to being one of the world’s great bicycling cities.”

Cycling’s pinnacle event, the annual Road World Cycling Championships provide a rare opportunity for athletes to compete for their countries in both the traditional road race and individual time trial. Fans will also be treated to a team time trial competition between the world’s top professional teams. The 2015 Road World Championships will take place between September 19-27 and will feature 12 races for Elite Men and Women, Under 23 Men and Junior Men and Women.


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23 thoughts on “United States of America Awarded 2015 UCI Road World Cycling Championships

  1. If you told the 20 year old me how disinterested the 40 year old me would be to hear this news, I’d have never believed you.

    That’s what doping in cycling has done to me…


  2. I’m with Burt. This just makes me wish I had made the much shorter drive to Hamilton back when I still cared.

  3. it’s gonna be awesome. watch some good bike racing, drink some beer, throw the empty bottles at mcquaid, good times.

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  5. Richmond fucking Virginia?

    Of all the places in this great land where this could be held, we bestow the honor in the land of auto-centric slurpee-sucking land-manatees, genetic accidents, might-makes-right, incoherent red-state bullshit? I’ll be fucking shocked if the route doesn’t show up with glass and tacks and confederate flags strewn about while these fucking hillbillies “protect their culture” from the UN blue helmets trying to force all real ‘merikans to pay taxes, wear faggoty spandex and bow down before the New World Order.

  6. Richmond is # 9, Compton, CA 17. It looks like we need dust off the gats and blaze some fools, so we can get a race like this in DaNatti! Cincinnati unfortunatly is only ranked 25 amongst the U.S most dangerous cities.

  7. I only have to drive 1:45 to watch the parade of dopers…im psyched. If I sound jaded its cuz im on my first cup of joe..i’ll get better…

  8. Richmond???


    I need to meet the person in charge of bringing events like this and NAHBS to Richmond, Va because they are fucking brilliant. I mean they deserve a promotion and salary increase more than anyone on this planet.

    “joining a list of great cities like Madrid, Florence and Copenhagen”.


  9. well shit Danimal, we voted for the black guy a couple years ago. ok so he’s only half black but its a start AND it was the half that showed. Plus we let black folks ride bike and stuff. I mean how thay gonna get to the liquor store if thay can’t. And fuck, one guy got all serious and went pro. What was his name? Oh yeah Erik Saunders. He’s like the Arthur Ash of cycling, hope he don’t get AIDS and shit. Bet you didn’t even know Ash was from RVA did you. You know who else is from around here? Chris Brown that’s who. But he’s kind of a dick so we don’t talk about him much cause how he likes to slap a hoe and what not.
    Richmond has it’s past and don’t we all, but we also have a future and if you don’t want to be a part of it then perfect because we have enough assholes already.

  10. Touche, Frank, Touche. Damn dude, I can respect that. Finally, haha. I was surprised it took that long to get a “hate much?” comment. I’m just pissed because about the furthest you can get from the scenic PacNW is the SE.

    That being said, I don’t think Seattle WA has a past. No, literally, it was settled like 11 years ago. I live in a house that was made by the first whiteies that got here. With the first logs they cut down.

  11. Although you guys calling Richmond RVA ranks right up their with Portlanders calling their city PDX. Smells the same, which is to say “a little fishy.” It’s possible the smell is just that southern chamois, though.

    Taint humidity.

  12. ‘cept the Richmond airport is RIC, not RVA. But some of you don’t need to know that, cause you aren’t welcome. You know who you are. Don’t come here. There is no fun to be had here, stay away. After all, it’s the 9th most dangerous city in America, cause it’s located in a red state. It is those urban hillbillies with their legally purchased, registered and permitted concealed weapons which make it such a violent place. You don’t have the taint for it.

    As for the rest of you(even Mr Lance Luver), well, the door always has been, and always will be, open…

  13. All Righty then. Unless anyone else has something to say positive about Richmond, its Confederate roots, current kill ranking as 9th in the nation. Not to mention the future ascension to number one!

    It is our nation and the FUCKING WORLDS is coming to the USA in 2015. So pull up the panties and spit the grits out. I’ll make sure Foghorn takes his meds and maybe he will share. You won’t be disappointed!?

    Despite doping and the excesses of professional sports. We can’t get enough. So its going to come. I’m fucking giddy. Unless my interpretation of the Mayan calendar is correct? Then it was all for naught.

    I got a crib and a ton of floor space on the race coarse. Come one, come all!