Mark Cavendish is World Champion

Cav.  The Manx Missile.
Cav. The Manx Missile.

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I’ve read on twitter that Cav was wearing a skin suit and an aero helmet. Whatever it takes within the rules, right? See!/PaveBlog/status/117960288548036609.

Great Britain delivered Mark Cavendish to the rainbow jersey in the elite men’s world championship road race on Sunday.

The team, led by Bradley Wiggins, buried itself for the Manxman, reeling in a daylong break. And then it was up to Cav’, who used teammate Ian Stannard and a four-man Aussie train to slingshot himself to the victory. He becomes the first British world road champion since Tom Simpson in 1965.

I’ve had a lot of fun at Doughboy’s expense here on DC, who ate all the pies and whatnot. Congratulations on hitting the Rainbow, kid. Wear those stripes with pride.

Many more images of the day here:…photo.

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17 thoughts on “Mark Cavendish is World Champion

  1. …awesome win for young mister cavendish…

    …the brit team were the most active throughout the race & they brought the kid to the front for the finale but without a real leadout & being partially boxed in, ‘the pie-man’ showed he’s got the goods & knows how to deliver…

    “…he stuck in his thumb & pulled out a plum…”

    …it was ‘a sprinters course’ & in the end, the world’s best sprinter ruled the day…

    …totally glad for mark cavendish…

  2. Congrats on winning a race that was custom made just for sprinters after Thor crashed out near the end.

  3. Not only will Cav have the rainbow stripes (and related curse) to deal with next year, he’s entire support staff (lead out) is going to be changed as well.

    I cannot imagine that next season will be successful one for him.

  4. Are the readers and purveyors of this site oblivious to the fact that the rainbow connection is hitting Richmond, Virginia, US of fuggin’ A in 2015?

  5. Ben King is already planning for it and so should you. Madcap companion events will be on the dockett. Underground Cycling International sanctioned, of course. Save on baggage fees and leave the liver at home.

  6. @foghorn leghorn. We’re not oblivious to the fact that the worlds are hitting the “US of f$%!ng A” in 2015. It’s just that we don’t care much for the idea. Professional cycling is properly done only in Europe, of course.

  7. “It’s just that we don’t care much for the idea.”

    …who the fuck is “…we…”, motherfucker…i mean ‘winky’

    …speak for yourself…

  8. @bikesgonewild. ’twas the “royal we”, in that I speak for myself. Except that I don’t even do that in this case. I actually think it’s great that the worlds are coming to North America. I might even head down there for a look. Lighten up?

  9. …lighten up ???…then why post something at total odds to what you think, especially when there’s no obviously implied irony involved ???…

    …you do understand the confusion, ya ???…

    …sounds like weak sauce on your part…how about “wake up”, wee willie winky…

  10. @bikesgonewild. Sorry that my post’s irony wasn’t apparent. I sort-of understand the confusion. But I don’t know that I would really expect people to interpret the phrase “Professional cycling is properly done only in Europe, of course.” literally; or to see it without irony (sarcasm?). I was perhaps trying to have a gentle dig at the slightly parochial nature of some of the responses to the news about the 2015 world titles (admittedly, not all or even most of these, are on this site). The news is undoubtedly good for the profile of North American cycling (but not as good for the profile of cycling in those countries that missed out).

    Apologies for any offense. Was never my intent. I’ll stop now.

  11. …no problem, winky…i only ‘jumped’ because from my point of view, nothing was apparent but for what was written on the page…

    …no harm, no foul, all ’round, ya ???…