What to Drink?

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Ok just so I clear some air with a lot of questions that I get before and after the Leadville Trail 100 MTB race. I get a lot of what do I drink and what do I eat questions. Please people do your research find out what works best for you. In the last couple of years there have been whispers of a product that was being developed but no one knew about it or at least no one would talk about it publicly. I had a chance a while back to drink a bunch of it and test it down here in Tucson in the heat for a while before Leadville and after. And then also test it now that is been stupid hot and humid. The last couple of years have been really tough as far eating and drinking during either long races or training rides. How do you get enough in your gut to keep you hydrated and keeping calories coming in without making you feel bloated and feeling well, that not so fresh feeling. Lo and behold the secret drink mix…Hold your breath…… yeah that’s right that is the name of it.


Folks I’m here to tell you that this stuff works. As far as I can remember either my stomach has been fucked up or I have cramped like a son of a bitch in that race. But this year was off the chain of good feelings. I finished feeling tired, yes, but not crampy, not bloated. I wasn’t going to puke, anything like that. Just nice and steady all day. One of the things that I look back after my 10th time at Leadville this year was what was different. Secret Drink Mix was the difference to feeling better for sure. Do yourself a favor, try this stuff out and see for yourself. It’s just enough of the right stuff but nothing you don’t need.

No animals were harmed in the testing of this product. In the race though there was a ground squirrel that might have gotten the axe I’m not sure.

Keep the rubber side down out there.

Giro d'Italia 2011

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22 Replies to “What to Drink?”

  1. I ordered one pound of the exercise raspberry a few weeks ago and have been using it on all of my rides and on my hikes up the Incline in Manitou, CO. I can’t say enough about this stuff. I will be ordering more shortly.

  2. …if that foto is the ‘secret drink’ dispense & delivery team, ima order me a bucketful…

  3. I’ve got my own drink mix: water, hibiscus flowers, brown rice syrup, lemon juice, salt. Also, makes a great mixer for those times off the bike.

  4. Make your own!

    1 kilogram of powdered maltodextrin
    4 tsp potassium citrate monohydrate (to provide 55 mg of potassium per
    100 calories)
    2.5 tsp table salt (125 mg sodium per 100 calories)
    25 grams of branched chain amino acids (0.5 grams per 100 calories)
    Flavor with whatever you like…

  5. …dustin…ya, but yours doesn’t have the damp ‘glisten’ wiped down from beautiful virgins which is added to the mix during full moons…

    …i hope i haven’t said too much ‘cuz it IS called ‘secret drink mix’

  6. Make your own!

    1 packet of Kool-aide.

    1 bottle of whateverthefuckyahavehandy.

    Mix. Rinse. Repeat.

    No secret there.

    Oh. Dustin. I had to look up 1/2 the words you posted.

    DC ain’t as highfalutin as you seem to think.

    We got friends in low places if ya know what I mean.

  7. I would say that I’ve used both Hammer & Cliff products with success. But then we’d have to sort out just what the term “success” means in regards to a “racing” “career” as pathetic as my own.

    Um, it tastes good & I don’t throw up all that often?

    Yeah. Happy Friday.

  8. hell, I still like to mix chocolate milk and lemon-lime gatorade 50:50, works pretty good for me, but I’ll bet Snake’s drink mix is better.

  9. @FFF— and it’s good warm, too; no refrigeration needed. Use the pouches of ultra-pasteurized chocolate milk.

  10. …so frank o…what exactly are you saying ???…like with rr eric & gianni, hammer products work well for me but if you’re gonna condemn their ‘science’, how’s about a little backup info ???…support your claim or it’s empty & rings hollow…

    …what’s wromg with ‘long chain maltodextrin’ ???…doesn’t upset MY stomach, allows me to enjoy my ride because i feel ‘consistent’ on the bike & i’m more alive, even though i’m toasted, when i get off the bike…

    …i add 3 packets of lemon-lime EmergenC’s to my hammer heed…i’m a pretty major heart patient & EmergenC is high in a balanced potassium – magnesium blend…i figure that’s less stress on my heart muscle when i’m sweating stuff out of my system…

    …anyway, hammer works & other than somebody else doing the pedaling for me, that’s as good as it gets in my book…

  11. Long chain malto dextrin will pull water into your stomach in order to process it and also creates heat. Essentially, it dehydrates you.

  12. …sleepy…thank you…better that i know what i’m working with…

    …& still, one of the major factors with any sports drink is the simple question – “can you down the stuff under riding conditions without it upsetting your stomach & thus your whole demeanor whilst pushing yourself ???”

    …pushing yourself being a relative term…ie: – can it get my fat ass around the loop or over the mountain without me falling over from such a great lack of speed…if so, i’m good…

  13. I have drunken it all and even made my own…but the timing was right so I tried some “secretdrinkmix”…shit works real well…I mean for real. Gotta say I was skeptical and still am a bit ’cause even the packaging you get at home only says secretdrinkmix but the gut and legs felt great-the real test for me will be a 24.