Ladies at CrossVegas are getting paid tonight!

I know I am a tad late, what with the race being tonight, but I wanted to share this bit of news about CrossVegas.

Luck really is a lady this year at CrossVegas. Crankbrothers has stepped up to support women’s cyclocross racing at Clif Bar CrossVegas by sponsoring the crankbrothers ladylucx elite women’s race. The ladylucx race will offer prize money to the top 5 women finishers that’s equal to the men.

And more…

“What a perfect way to support women’s racing,” Race Director Brook Watts commented, “equal prizes for the Top 5 places shows the efforts that cyclocross is taking to bridge the gender gap. Crankbrothers understands that and turns it into a fun promotional opportunity.”

What a change from last year’s payouts.


Kick some fucking ass ladies!

Photos courtesy Mia Sullivan/
Photos courtesy Mia Sullivan/
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