Irish Product Placement

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After 10 days of partying and a bunch of time sitting still in airplanes, I made it back home to the desert a shattered shell of a man. To use a new term I picked up from my Irish brothers “I’m in pieces.”

I used that idle time on the plane to recover and to start going through all of the pictures I took between 2 different cameras. I know I handed out a lot of stickers, but I really didn’t know how I got rid of the 400 I brought with me. From the photos, it would appear that I stuck them everywhere I went. Here are some of my favorites:


Jacquie Phelan and Drunkcyclist. Two legends in their own time.


Keeping good company on a bunny backside with bikemonger


I don’t know who she is, but I would like to





One of the hosts for SSWC12 in South Africa. These guys are bat-shit crazy. Its going to be a good time.

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10 Replies to “Irish Product Placement”

  1. …i didn’t mention it before when you posted the picture of the men’s winner, irishman niall davis but he & his girl tarja hosted miz phelan whilst she toured the emerald isles & tripped at the sswc’s…

    …also unbeknownst to many is the ‘oh so casual’ niall, essentially unsponsored (raced & won in a t-shirt) had only picked up a single speed conversion kit the day before the race & didn’t actually install it ’til the morning of the race…

    …kid wins the sswc doing the one most unfathomable thing imaginable…swaps out his whole drivetrain hours before he goes into the race & is free of ‘mechanicals’

    …talk about your “…luck o’ the irish”, ya ???…

    …btw, dirty b…nice dc ‘product placement’ in a lotta subtle & not so subtle places…

  2. Jacquie, if you need a guitar player we might could work something out.

    ps-I like tea.

    pps-and treehouses.

  3. …trailer park cyclist…my avatar photo was shot back in ’72, 30 yards from the queen of marin‘s front door, in front of the house i used to live in…i moved (no, i was not asked to – i apologized for that incident)…i’m now about 200 yards away from her front door…

    …& no, although jacquie (& her mate charlie cunningham) is a friend, i will not leave any ‘sweet talk’ messages, flowers, cd’s or tributes from admiring fans…

    …non sequitur – speaking of cd’s…john doe from X moved in directly across the road from me ’bout a year ago…guy & his lady ride their cool ol’ bikes around town all the time…i like that…

    …check out his latest collabo with jill sobule, the chick who wrote “i kissed a girl”, way back in ’95…the new cd is called “a day at the pass”…very nice stuff…i’m diggin’ it off the net but i’m gonna have to pester mr doe for a copy of the cd…

    …guess i’m kinda stumping for the two of ’em here but he doesn’t know that & it’s only ‘cuz i like what i hear…

    …just sayin’…

  4. I like it too BGW,

    Unfortunately when I try to buy the CD it all goes to shit.

    Maybe you could wander over the road & smack him on the side of the head.

    Awesome tunes.

  5. In fact Seriously go smack him on the side of the head!

    After negotiating their less than user friendly website I get “Sorry, we can’t ship to NZ”.


  6. …hurben…ya, nice stuff, huh ???…

    …no sweat, amigo…john is in & outa town regularly with music stuff (he’s also a hollywood actor) so it might take a little time but i’ll make an arrangement, grab some cd’s, get him to sign ’em & shoot one your way…

    …the ‘we can’t ship to nz’ is prob’ly ‘cuz they’re doing it from home & the shipping is gonna cost more than the disc…guaranteed…we’ll work it out…

    …hmmm – maybe ‘cuz yer over the international date line, they’re afraid if they send it, technically, it’ll arrive before it leaves…just a thought…

  7. Thanks BGW.

    I have no problem paying shipping costs.

    When I was running seriously I’d get my shoes from the States, two thirds of the cost was shipping & they were still cheaper than buying them in NZ.