The Shirt Off My Back

The best part about Ireland has been the people. Everybody is so goddamn nice here. We were in country maybe about 3 hours when wandered into a pretty chill little bar. Somebody in our group mentioned to a local that she liked his shirt. He just says “do you want it?” and starts to take it off. Little did we know that this would be a theme throughout the week.

Fast forward a few days to Friday night, when the pre race training was going down. We were drinking in the street in front of the pub with the bikemonger crew when Kerry Coldhands decided she liked Simoun’s t-shirt. So they traded right there on the spot


Then the next picture on my camera was this…I have no idea


Simoun ended up with a sweet race outfit for the next day


SJ even traded a t-shirt from our local watering hole for sweet local jersey from Connemara MTB …and a tutu. Which he seemed really excited about.


The result was everybody being stoked.( Even the little retarded kid in the background)


I was witness to bit more shirt trading over the next few days and one trade even went down in a crowded kabob shop at 1am. I guess the moral of the story is that you will never go shirtless for very long in Ireland. I think more women in the States need to take their shirts off in public. It’s a good scene.

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8 thoughts on “The Shirt Off My Back

  1. Good on you DB, awesome coverage.

    Question that I have to ask, who’s hosting it next year ?