It’s amazing how life can change in an instant.

I created this post last weekend. I never posted it because I had a few things to add, and then, as I mentioned on Tumblr, my niece moved in. So, I have been busier than ever, not working full time. I have way more shit to do and less time to blog.

I am riding my bikes 5 days a week, for now anyways.

A few years back there was a night ride called Monday Mayham. It died out after a while and was re-started last week. We meet downtown and leave Garfield Park at 8pm. It isn’t your typical “shop ride”. The ride is as fast as the fastest person and it’s an allballsout sprint to see who can go the fastest. We encourage new riders who want to get faster. We also wait for the slower riders so no one gets dropped.

Here is a picture from last week’s ride. Check out the guy in red, second from the right. That’s Charles. He only has one arm. He’s a bad ass on a bike and he is the only guy to beat me up the hills. He’s also a solo 24 hour MTB’er and brews his own beer. He makes a special brew for endurance. Pretty fucking inspirational.

New guys to ride with
New guys to ride with

I am also getting ready for CX season, running hill repeats, doing some allballsout intervals on my road bike, and riding My Voodoo on the trails whenever possible. My CX bike is still hanging from a hook in the basement and hasn’t been touched since the KY State Championships last November. I am getting a carbon fork this year. All I need now is a better set of brakes and new wheels and I will be set.

The job situation is getting some attention. I had an interview on Friday. It was at a transitional house for women who are x-junkies/prostitutes. I may be working on my Chemical Dependency Counselor license if it all works out. I never thought, in a million years, that my drug addiction would actually be a benefit to getting a job, but in this case, they want people like me. The interview went well, and I should know something by next week.

Until then, I am slinging espresso shots and latte’s in a cool little coffee shop, where all the customers look like Portlandia characters. It’s pretty fun.

Oh, and I’ve been interning for Cyclocross Magazine this summer. My first interview went up, you can check it out here.

I am digging the website a lot. I met a couple of these guys at Interbike last year. While Dirty was doing shots with Eddy Merckx, me and Dominic were stalking the likes of Eddie Fiola and Ron Wilkerson. Dominic cried like a school girl when he met them. I just found this video and wanted to share it. The YouTube version is easier to embed.

YouTube Preview Image

That’s all I got. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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10 thoughts on “It’s amazing how life can change in an instant.

  1. There is something about having one arm. Your gray matter reduces at the same rate your testicles enlarge. I guess one arm women must have massive ovaries.

  2. I gotta show that vid to some of my BMX friends sooo cool. Nice find!

    Ride in the Wind Judi!

  3. I’ve met (one of?) the guy(s) who runs, and, and he is great guy. His websites are worth checking out.

    In all aspects of riding, I have never seen, or received, more help and encouragement than from bmx riders. BMX is the best ground-up niche bicycling group.

  4. judi….never met you but i am working on something for you. hit dirty up when he’s back. details will follow, it’s cross related. i am hoping like all hell and keeping fingers crossed ( bad pun ) it comes to fruition.

  5. @trailer park cyclist – i’d like to get bicycles related to the program somehow. i’ve already been asked to find a bike for a lady who lives there, hers was stolen. there has to be grant money for something like that….right?

    @angry buddhist – ok, now you got me all psyched out. can’t wait to find out what you have up your sleeve….

  6. As the King of Crappy Ten Speeds and a Denizen of the Demimonde if you need, say, Ten ten-speeds re-habbed by my semi-vast network of re-habbers and Beer Nuts I will start the Rusty Wheels Turning. Say Go.

    Tim Joe