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33 thoughts on “Caption This: Vuelta Edition

  1. “Stupid!”

    I don’t care that it was a child. Where was the parent? Probably that woman on the side of the road looking on in horror. Nonetheless, the child should have waited and the mother should have been more observant. What a pity that this rider’s last race was truncated by a foolish child.

  2. …gotta admit i didn’t look closely enough at that initially…

    …FUCK me, that is sad & should never have happened…

    …pets & stupid children should be kept on leases anywhere around bike races…

  3. You know what, fuck that kid, fuckin’ fuck him. That’s probably Arvesen’s last big race, he’d just gotten picked for the Worlds. Now he’s all out of skin on his body and had to abandon the race. You think he’s gonna get fit for the Worlds? Fuck no. Stage winner in all three grand tours, Copenhagen was supposed to be his adieu. So, yeah, fuck that kid.

  4. This should be proof to all young and impressionable wannabe magicians that, no matter how much you paid for your magic wand, and how much Harry Potter you’ve read, you cannot run ‘through’ solid objects including the lead rider of the pack.

  5. “I fucking hope this BMC guy rode a bmx bike as a kid and bunny hops me instead of spearing my kidneys”.