Cyclist Down

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Some very sad news out of South Dakota via email from Team Fubar:

Big Jonny,
Here we have cyclists down in a different way.

Officer McCandles and Officer Armstrong were part of the bicycle patrol unit here in Rapid City.  They were on bike when a routine stop turned ugly and both were shot and died from their injuries.

This whole thing has turned this small town on its head.  Race relations between the white and Native Americans in the community are strained because of one knothead whose actions had not a thing to do with the color of his skin.

All I know is that three young men are dead, two of them died protecting our streets on two wheels.  In the words of our own Perry Jewett, PEDAL POWER!

That is a sad story.  For every cop who abuses their power and acts as a poor representation of what a police officer should be there, are plenty of other examples of good cops who are out there every day serving and protecting the people in their community.  Officers McCandles and Armstrong seemed to be two of the good cops.  Our deepest thoughts and condolences are sent to their families, friends, and fellow officers.  

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About 40 Hands

A fan of riding bikes with one gear, malt liquor, riding without knowing how many miles I’ve covered, and strip clubs that let you bring your own keg. I typically have a stupid grin on my face, it is because deep down I know that no matter what, my mom thinks I’m cool. Denver, Colorado, USA

73 thoughts on “Cyclist Down

  1. Jonny – this is a tragically sad event with the worst outcome imaginable. My thought as with their families on and off of the job.

  2. …ya, sometimes we bag on cops ‘cuz they get overzealous & shit but this kind of tragedy puts it all in perspective…

    …my heart goes out to all the officers, wounded or passed & the families involved…

    …senseless shit by someone on the short fuse…

  3. “For every cop who abuses their power . . .” Huh? Maybe you’ve had a bad experience, but I find this highly inappropriate, especially in a story about two cops who were killed. I guarantee you, your readers aren’t thinking, gee, I sure hate cops, but this time, I feel bad! Strange thing to say. And certainly nothing that would ever cross MY mind.

  4. “And certainly nothing that would ever cross MY mind.”

    Consider your self lucky. You’ve led a charmed life.

  5. Really? I don’t know too many friends who have had bad experiences, either. I just find it a really odd thing to say, and it makes me wonder why. For every 100 cops out there, sure, there are a few bad apples that shouldn’t be. Same thing for cyclists. So why call out cops and not your fellow cyclists? I’m sure you know a few who give us a bad name. Makes me wonder if you’re one of the latter and have been called out on it by a cop?

  6. Every group has it’s bad apples. Silly that you even need to state it.

    It’s the power cops have that make them different. Guns, badge and the ability to destroy with a simple lie means they need to be held to a different level of accountability.

    And I ride entirely on trails to avoid the idiot drivers and cops having bad hair days. So your last sentence is pointless.

  7. Just as the guy that initiated the violence in this situation was labeled as a Native American, because that was his race, but it really had NOTHING to do with his actions, there are police out there that do bad things. They abuse their power, but it has nothing to do with them being a cop. It has everything to do with the fact that they are small people and would abuse their power no matter what career they had, they just happen to be in the position of being a police officer.

    Regardless of what we hear, there are hundreds of thousands of police in this country and, as in the rest of society, there are a few that give the rest a bad rap.

    In this case, Officer Armstrong rode his mountain bike when he was off duty, making him one of us. He rode the same trails as I do. He had the same passion as we all do. And now there is a hole in our off-road cycling community.

  8. @laura, glad you haven’t had bad experiences with cops. there are lots of here who have had REALLY bad experiences with them. im sorry these cops lost their lives to this sort of violence, but speak for yourself when you say “I guarantee you, your readers aren’t thinking, gee, I sure hate cops, but this time, I feel bad!” – cuz i write here on DC, and one of my dear friends was MURDERED by the cincinnati police last spring. not a huge fan of cops AT ALL.

  9. Laura,
    My choice of words was for two reasons, 1.) a while back there was post here on DC where there were several comments that were directed at police officers and negative (, starting at about comment 7). Based on the comments in that post I knew that there were viewers and commenters of DC who had negative experiences involving cops. And while I cannot speak for whether not those experiences were their fault or the police officers, I was hoping tho make the point that officers McCandles and Armstrong were two of the good police officers. 2.) I am aware of what happened to Judi’s friend Bones. My apologies if my words have offended you.

  10. I am definitely not offended, and no one should worry about that! It’s my choice to read the blogs and respond, just like it would be my choice to unsubscribe.

    I just thought it odd that the author of the post brought in his biases thinking everyone felt the same way. He made it sound like the only reason anyone should feel sad is because the cops also happen to be cyclists! I also don’t get the racial tension thing, as the story said NOTHING about that. The blogger brought that into the story.

    I have not followed the DC story, but if they committed a crime, they should be punished like everyone else. In fact, cops don’t do so well in with the rest of the prison population.

    I just think it’s sad people can take one incident and apply it to their feelings across an entire profession. Kinda like someone’s feelings about any particular race.

  11. Laura,

    No, those stories in the Rapid City Journal did not say anything about it, but living here, I can tell you it is (was) a different story.

    Following the story as it unfolded online, comments immediately turned negative on BOTH sides, with some saying the only reason the criminal party was contained was that they were Native American and the other side saying the only reason they shot the cops was because they were Native American.

    I understand why 40 Hands put his comment in there initially. It’s kinda like us, being cyclists, being lumped in with the doping scandals. A few high profile people wreck it for everyone. As I said before, the majority of police are trying to do the right thing, with a few wrecking it for everyone. There is a big mistrust of police in this country as too many people have had bad experiences with them (myself included). That all being said, it is unfortunate that 3 people had to lose their lives, the shooter included. His family had to endure their loss AND live with the fact that their son/brother/etc. took the lives of someone else. It’s a no win situation.

  12. most important is that 1 stupid PERSON did an absurdly stupid thing more than likely for an equally idiotic reason, resulting in 3 deaths.that 2 were cops(doing their jobs) and 1 a native(perpetrating crime)are just facts in this sad story and not indictments of behavior of the groups they represent.

  13. Sorry about the cops. My thoughts to their families.

    Sorry about about Laura as well. I keep reading her comments thinking what an ass. If Laura is unaware of what assholes some cops can be, she need look no further than YouTube- Google it! There are some very good cops, and there are some very bad ones. As someone stated above, since they have badges and guns, and be cause their word carries more weight than a regular citizen’s in court, they can destroy lives. Men have been killed by them, wrongly imprisoned, and have had their whole lives turned upside down. An Iraq war vet was tackled by a cop in New York for no reason other than he was peacefully riding his bike in a critical mass, and was looking at spending many years in jail. Luckily video of the incident popped up on YouTube and saved him.

    I hate to see bad things happen to good cops, but bad cops and police apologists can French kiss my asshole.

  14. Dont bother arguing with Judi. Doesnt matter how much we may have in common, she hates because of the way we chose to support our families and riding/racing addiction.

  15. No one— NO ONE— should have to punch in to work and die. Around here (Seattle), the cops are required to wear body armor on duty, for a reason. Respect.

  16. My thoughts go to those who have lost loved ones in this awful incident.

    The link to the Rapid City Rag turns up this gem:
    “A Native American male in his 20s is the suspected shooter.” WTF? What precisely is the relevance of his “race” or is it indicative of something else?

  17. AS, what is wrong with saying what race he is? Why would anyone want that hidden? Maybe you should take a trip other and see if race is relevant. My guess is that there is a lot more to the story than how it ended, but I could be wrong.

  18. Or his sex as well. Who cares he was male. Or in his 20’s. Or from South Dakota for that matter.

    It’s all BS designed by the man to keep the people fighting with each other and not noticing the vast neo-con conspiracies that are bankrupting our nation.

    How was that for a bat-shit crazy rant ?? I’m telling ya. One fine day I’m going to have a brain fart and never recover.

  19. Hey Laura, there are three men who were recently released from prison a few days ago after spending 18 years locked up. They were referred to as the West Memphis 3. If everyone thought like you did they would still be sitting in prison.

  20. Plenty of sympathy for the cops, but once these white bread fucks like “laura” and “tippycup” (really?) start up with their sarah palin horseshit I want to puke. Hater? Have you ever been to “Miles and Madness” you
    ignorant pieces of uninformed shit? Show me one ounce of evidence that you have ever done any community service equal to Judi’s daily work and I will retract my spew. Otherwise, Laura, crawl back to Crawford and Tippy Cup, well, I got nothin’ for ya.

  21. Funny how people have a problem with Law Enforcement until someone steals their property, or breaks into their house…

  22. MM, good point except that in most cases, unless you got insurance the police can’t do much.

  23. @MM.

    You of course did not watch the link judi posted ??

    The first story. The kid fell off a bridge. Broke his back and had a broke-off heal(which I admit I’ve never heard of before).

    The cops who arrived tased him 19 times because he wasn’t cooperating.

    He was critically injured and they tased him 19 fucking times.

    And you’re boring us with stolen property ??

  24. @tippycup –

    “Dont bother arguing with Judi. Doesnt matter how much we may have in common, she hates because of the way we chose to support our families and riding/racing addiction.”

    huh? what the fuck are you talking about? don’t post if you can’t make sense.

  25. Oh, come on, judi. If we all followed that rule there’s be no internet a’tall, a’tall.

  26. As I see it, the problem in general is that, as a society we are too busy watching things happen and not busy enough making it happen. Dirty goes a lot of places, does a lot of things. Why? Not because he is super rich, lucky, or a silver spoon mother trucker. HE MAKES IT HAPPEN, for himself. We sat back and let our rights of assembly be entangled in terrorism laws, we watch cops get shot, we watch cops kill and beat people. The very video Judi posted will show you that. How many people were watching the cop pummel the skateboard kids? Search youtube all ya want, your just another watcher.

    Until we raise our voice and stop watching uploads to youtube, shit ain’t happening.

    Once we get off our collective lazy asses we can MAKE IT HAPPEN. Change the way cops treat you, figure out how, people in SF are protesting the hell outta the BART cop and the decision, sitting here typing away ( pot, kettle awareness) ain’t doing jack. Judi volunteering, that’s MAKING IT HAPPEN.

    Cops carry a gun to work. They know damn well what they signed up for. They know what they are choosing to do on a daily basis. I am not saying it’s right they get shot in cold blood. Hell, they are making it happen in their own way. Some do good, but unless we change the laws they HAVE CHOSEN TO ENFORCE, they are going to do a lot of bad as well. As far as bad apples go….cops have guns, and the predisposition of being right — them laws see to that. Don’t like it ? Change it. Plan on it being an uphill ride.

  27. …fuck me…when i was a kid, i went to the ‘dennis leary school’ of growing up where you didn’t get a trophy for ‘participation’

    …there was one (1) trophy & you won it through hard work or play (or as leary sez “…or you stole it”)…

    …i see political correctness as having created as many different types of problems as it’s ever fucking solved…

    …a report is a statement of fact…male, female, white, black, first nation/native american, asian, latin, brazilian, canadian, american, financier, cop, ice cream salesman…it’s relevant in letting me know, as reader, who the fuck is involved…

    …if a report sez – “he/she committed their actions because they were white/black/blah blah blah or an ice cream salesman” then yes, there would be a distinct bias of coverage which is nothing more than an opinion…

  28. Holy balls, I didn’t think that posting up something about bicycle cops getting killed in the line of duty would get such a response…

    The ONLY reason I even sent it here was because the cops WERE CYCLISTS. No matter how they were taken down, the bottom line is they were. The guy that did the shooting had a rap sheet a mile long. Were his previous crimes violent? Some of them were, some not.

    Angry Buddhist hit the nail on the head, and I’ll paraphrase, “it takes a village”. We as citizens should point out wrong doings when it’s going on. But most people say “it’s not my problem”. And it’s not, until it is. Maybe when the shooter was a little kid if someone would have spanked him, or told him they loved him or gave him a reason to live and love or maybe GAVE HIM A BIKE, none of this would have happened…

  29. …@laura ???…as fff sez – “Consider your self lucky. You’ve led a charmed life.”…

    …i tried to add to that but your basic naivete precludes it…& believe me, i’m not insulting you…

  30. Well, I’ve enjoyed all this. Had no idea I could be called so many names by what I would think would be a tolerant group of individuals (some positive and reasoned exceptions noted, and thank you for that). Can’t wait for my husband to get home and see what he’s missed. :-) Thanks for the entertainment, and certainly, the last few posts have been very civil and very good dialogue.

  31. BGW, I actually agree with all your earlier points, but I was sure the next thing I’d be called is a neo-con. Oh, wait, I think I was. :-) So not sure where the comment about the naivete came from. I’d much rather have told you in person, but since I couldn’t, I guess the flood gates are open again to calling me more names. Let the fun continue!

  32. …joe…i’ve basically been a pacifist liberal all my life…

    ‘pacifist’ ‘cuz personally i’ve never enjoyed fighting/scrapping…who thinks it’s fun to get punched in the mouth…& there’s always someone tougher, more badass down the road…

    ‘liberal’ because i saw that as a way of accepting different types of people & lifestyles in this world…

    …i haven’t ‘hit/punched’ anyone since i was 15 years old…

    …i’ve walked away from situations where i knew i could get hurt…

    …i have been confronted plenty of times by people who could hurt me, even badly but i’ve let them know that they will not go unscathed…they WILL pay a price…
    …& they’ve left me alone because they could read in my eyes that it’s true…

    …i’ve even been swung at, wherein i’ve put someone on the ground fast & let them know in no uncertain terms that i now have total advantage & could hurt them badly but that i have better things to do with my time…

    …i’m a pacifist liberal, joe…just not a wimpy one…

  33. My heart is heavy tonight. After 128 days, a news conference was held today – The Bones investigation is over and the prosecutor says the police shooting was justified.

    That cop has a history of violence. Just like the guy with the rap sheet “a mile long” who killed the cop cyclists. It doesn’t fucking matter. My friend was murdered and the cop is getting away with it.

    We are heading down to City Hall now.

  34. The irony of this whole thread is that if the Cincy cop made that stop in Rapid City, they’d be burying Indians instead of cops. He would have been ready.

    That’s the lesson, folks.

    It’s not about morals or politics or law. If you’ve ever scrapped in the gutter, as either cop or citizen, you know FUCKING WELL that you fight for survival. Doesn’t matter if you’re a Christian do-gooder cop, a filthy junkie, an Indian with a chip on his shoulder, or a working stiff trying to make some money. When it comes time to scrap, you best be on your game and you best be ready for the consequences of the choices you make.

    And quit with this pussy cycling solidarity. Thieving junkies and fascist cops ride bikes. George W Bush rides a bike, and it didn’t stop him from becoming a global slumlord with his wars. Evil people ride bikes, too. Print it.

  35. “George W Bush rides a bike, and it didn’t stop him from becoming a global slumlord with his wars.”

    I threw a fuckin’ party the day he left office, BUT I wouldn’t mind going for a ride with him and having a beer afterwards. I bet he’s a fun guy. Didn’t you see the end of Harold and Kumar II?

  36. @MM, WTF is a cop going to do after somebody breaks into your house and steals your property? You think they are going to put any effort into finding your shit or catching who did it? Really? The only reason to call the cops is to get a report needed for an insurance claim. Anybody who thinks something is going to be done is nuts. It does not work that way. Now, if you are an environmental activist who damages a car dealerships vehicles, they may hunt you down and toss you in jail for a decade, but if you are just messing with other citizens who are not related to a cop, not a lot is going to be done.

  37. Cops can’t do much WHEN someone is breaking into your house. That’s YOUR responsibility. Personally, I’ll load the fucker up with 00 buck.
    My problem is the incessant bitching that goes on by some, then when they need a cop, they bitch more because there wasn’t one hanging out on the corner, just waiting around to help THEM.
    And yes, I did see both stories that Judi posted. The one about the kid is, in fact, excessive.
    The ‘Bones’ story is long and convoluted at this point. There are three sides to that story. Guessing the lines are so blurred at this point that it’s just folly to argue about it.
    I’m quite sure the Judi is also examining the incident with a jaundiced eye.
    Point? There are good cops, and bad cops, just like there are good people, and bad people. There are also cyclists who are complete shitbags. Can’t lump an entire group together, for any reason. Remember, when you point a finger, there are four pointed back at you!
    Second point? If you are so jaded as to not trust/believe in the LE community, then you should protect yourself. Get a CWP…or a big fucking dog…or secure your property properly…

  38. Ask the residents of New Orleans what they think about their police force.

    ‘To serve & protect’?

    Not unless you’re white & rich.

  39. Cops are human. They can suck or be cool. I have had multiple bad experiences with cops on or off the bike, in or out of a car. Yes some I deserved. I wasn’t a good kid. Others was then just being dicks. With cop shootings and fatalities there is emotions and blurred lines that do not apply to us. A cop harasses you it gets written off or only slightly investigated. I harass someone there is immediate action taken with a restraining order or jail time. If I harass a cop, definite jail time.

    A cop shoots someone it is looked at as a on the job risk, small investigation, usually innocent until proven guilty. I shoot someone: deep investigation, trial, guilty until proven innocent, possible life sentence. I shoot a cop; guaranteed jail time, a biased investigation, and depending on what state, the death penalty.

    Now the reason there is so much emotion about a cop, not just a human, dying is that they are supposed to protect us. If they die who is doing that? Not that, that should mean they are more important than any other human it just means it usually gets more attention.

    I feel sorry for cops, could you imagine in your job if every time you went to do it people lied to you. How many of you have lied about speeding, how many drinks you had, wether the light was green or red. They deal with the scum of society on a hourly basis. I would get jaded as well. Not to mention that social media has gone out of its way to only post, portray, and show the bad side of cops. Look at all the movies that have come out in the past 10-15 years, cops being bad, corrupt, or above the law. Say what you will, that has an affect on how the average human perceives them.

    Judi, I had a buddy shot a few years ago down in San Diego. A good friend named Jake. The story of how or why it happened has changed so much. The cops got off, for it. Here where I live in Fullerton we just had a man that I knew, Kelly Thomas, tasered a bunch of times and beaten, he died from it a 7 days later in the hospital. I know cops can be dicks. I have seen it time and time again. But to not take them on a individual level and just say I don’t like cops, would be like someone saying all junkies deserve to die and serve no purpose in the real world, even if they are clean.

    I know that I’m fence walking on this, I have family that are cops. I have been harassed, and even beaten by cops. I just hate when people who do not want society to say shit like “fucking cyclists are all dopers, or light blowing asshole, or shouldn’t be on the road” to turn around and be somewhat, even if on a small scale hypocritical by saying “cops are dicks”

  40. @Laura

    That neo-con post wasn’t aimed at you or anybody really. I was just practicing for that one fine day when I go nutz like dear ol’ Dad and end up in a bar somewhere ranting and raving about every conspiracy known.

    Tho I am amazed how this post went racial. That didn’t even cross my mind when I read the story. Like bgw said, they just stated the facts.

  41. …virgil mutha fuckin rufus speaks a lotta truth about cops…even the nicest of them deal with constant bullshit on a daily basis…

    …here’s a thought – imagine if every time you walked out your door, headed for your job, your subconscious reminded you that there was a very real possibility you might never return…because of your job & to be blunt, because to might be killed…

    …it’s a tough call because you don’t wanna see abuse by people who you believe are hired “to protect & serve” but the fact is, all things being equal, things CAN’T be equal…you can only hope that a cop takes pride in themselves & their job & is intelligent enough or shows enough good judgment so as to not actively seek the abuse of power…

    …the line between cops & criminals can be very thin & certainly the environment molds cops…i live in a decent place & a cop working here, although always on guard doesn’t have to daily face the same situations as a cop 15 miles away, across the bay over in richmond, california, a crime ridden, drug & gang infested area which has perpetually had one of the highest murder rates in the country…

    …sure, there are a lotta bad, abusive examples out there…lotta cops were the bully types growing up so maybe the job seemed a natural to them, a place where they could use their toughness & to be honest, maybe they didn’t see a lotta options but to try & lump all cops into this “cop = bad” is absolute bullshit…

    …i have a number of cop friends, all casual friendships & a number of them are cyclists…i see them, we can laugh & joke or talk serious about things but i’m always aware that at the end of the day, my life is very different than theirs…

    …it has to be……because of the responsibilities…

  42. I won’t trust a cop. Never ever. And not only would I ride with Dubya; he’d be welcome at my campfire or my front door anytime. That economy-wrecking Kenyan, not so much.

  43. …anal – cranial inversion, joe…

    …guy rents a place & moves into the neighborhood, lives there for 8 years…he & his pals party however the fuck they want…these guys have their own agenda…

    …they tear out sheet-rock, bang up the doorway trim, breaks windows & just cover ’em over with visqueen, piss on the carpet when they’re drunk, don’t mow the lawn, leave their empties all over the front yard, even steal the plumbing fixtures to make a little money on the side, infringe on the neighbors & when anyone complains, the guy threatens to have his big time lawyer buddies make life even more miserable…

    …new guy finally moves in & sez “hell, no, i don’t know how to fix everything, but i’ll try hard”…& he does…guy works hard, definitely makes some bad decisions but overall, he’s working on that house…

    …so, now, some of the locals wanna blame him for the original disrepair because he can’t whip the property into shape fast enough…guys still working with what he was given…

    …oh, & now several people wanna take over the property & turn it into a church with amusement park rides…

    …hmmm…just sayin’…

  44. Seems to me the “new guy” was voted in by the tenants’ association on the strength of his promises (later tragically found to be smoke and mirrors) that he did in fact have both the plan and the wherewithal to fix things. He’s brought in some “experts” who have never picked up a hammer in their lives and spends most of his time on the golf course and lavish vacations, which, incidentally are paid for by said tenants’ association. Now he has the balls (or stupidity, or both-take your pick) to ask them to renew his lease. Pack your bags, Tim the Tool Man. You’re done.

  45. …lemme cut to the chase…google it up…george w bush took more time off ‘per term’ for ‘personal reasons’ than any president in the history of this fucking republic…

    …now, let’s face it, every president deserves his vacation time so that…blah, blah, blah…clear head…blah, blah, blah…decisions…blah, blah, blah but george w raised the bar on time off…

    …on top of that, basically all he ever did was sign off on decisions by cheney, rumsfield & all the other self servers…talk about stupidity…even as a ‘nice guy’ george w bush pissed all over his own shoes…didn’t you read what was opined by the neutral political experts throughout 8 fucking years of his shit…

    …beyond that, i’m not gonna dignify anything else you’ve implied because basically you’ve got nothing except enough hot air to raise a fleet of balloons at a fucking regatta…

  46. …wanna know what i really think, joe ???…

    …i think the fact that you’ve spent the last several years referring to the present chief of state as “…that kenyan…” defines you as a fucking clown never to be taken seriously in anything resembling a political discussion…

    …as i just implied, “…you’ve got nothing except…hot air…”

  47. Bush fucked us over good and proper.

    Obama came in with a solid chance to change things.

    But he pissed all the good-will away on health care and doubled down on all the BS Bush gave us(Gitmo, Patriot Act, etc, etc, etc)

    So bgw’s story doesn’t work for me. Instead of trying to fix said house he just piddled on the carpet and blasted the music as the former tenant did.

    That said, the choices for 2012 make me sick to my stomach.

    I’m moving to Ireland.

  48. Ya gotta overlook bgw. All those years drinking the KoolAid-Well you know what they put in that stuff.

    And yeah The Annoinred One could have made a differance, if only he were up to the job. Alot more to it than reading a teleprompter, I guess.

    As to the choices, the field is by no means set. But almost anyone* would certainly be an improvement.

    *Well not Bachman. She’s just mean and that whole “gay reeducation camp” thing-That just scares me. Besides, I got gay friends and family (all y’all do to whether you know it or not) and they assure me that ain’t how it works.

    Perry and the pizza guy sorta worry me for some of the same reasons, although the pizza guy has made alot of good points.

    Speaker Newt is the spoiler, I think.

    Romney has been the perennial favorite, and is the only one in the lot who seems “presidential”, whatever that means.

    Christie has legs that match his gut if he chooses to run. Hey, we got a sophisticated and suave intellectual now. How’s thatn workin’ out for ya?

    Damn, how’d we get onto politics in the first place?

    I like bikes. And beer. And it’s bedtime. Nitey-nite.

  49. No bgw, “you’re still a fucking clown” is not a fact. That is what we call an “opinion”. Can you say that? I knew you could.

    And for an avowed pacifist, you sure are one belligerant hateful motherfucker. But I don’t blame you. I blame the KoolAid.

  50. …go ahead & blame the kool-aid…if you kool-aid drinkers stopped to think of what kind of a job it was going to be righting the ship of state after bushco ran it up on the rocks, instead of whining at the guy trying to do the job, the rest of us wouldn’t have to be quite as concerned…

    …i fully admit the man has made plenty of mistakes…that being said, there ain’t nobody coming out of ANY camp on your side of the street that is gonna do a fucking thing as regards the actual good of this country…not fucking one…

    …& yes, i am belligerent because despite your attempts at occasional mollification, you’ve led practically every political discussion with your extremely disrespectful & nonfactual slander of the chief of state…

    …hateful ???…ya, i fucking hate that slanderous bullshit…you & trump…moronic…

    …let’s take a step back, amigo…i asked a question of you as regards george w bush & it was not rhetorical…“…didn’t you read what was opined by the neutral political experts throughout 8 fucking years of his shit…???”

  51. Only on DC could a post about 2 dead cops turn in to a argument about Bush and Obama.

    The idea that bgw and joe could ever agree on something strikes me as possible as winning the lottery.

    Let’s agree to disagree. You’re both idiots. And so am I.

    Let’s just all walk away now. I’m gonna whistle Dixie as I go cause that’s what Dad always said in a bad situation. “Just walk away whistling Dixie.”

    You boy’s can whistle as ya like.

  52. “idiots”? What the fuck? “Drunken idiots”, thank you very much.

    I got feelings, you know.

  53. Oh yeah, and bgw-What “neutral political experts”? If they’re that great, they must have names.

    Or did you mean Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow*, et al?

    *Never did like that guy.

  54. Wow. A quick two cents:

    Laura, you are VERY LUCKY to have permanent rose-colored glasses regarding our Police State. We Americans are the world leaders in the sport of imprisoning our own. Not a big source of pride for me. I’d call it a bit shameful, considering how many non-violent offenders are incarcerated.

    In Portland East, we have some bad cops, aka “thumpers”, mixed in with the good. That is not the real problem though. The real problem is that the “good” cops protect the bad cops by covering up for them and hindering investigations. The Blue Line. The bad cops do not just cause trouble to those on the fringes of society. Big, honking, large civil suits are paid. By the taxpayers. The more your property is worth, the more you pay to make amends for the “thumpers”. Remember that when your property taxes are due. It shouldn’t have to be this way. This might be the only reason why I’m lukewarm regarding unions; it is fucking impossible to throw the bad ones out.

    And about Shrub Junior: His race has nothing to do with his embarrassing “service” to our country. On the other hand, his ancestry is very telling. I can’t say what I’d want to do if he stumbled upon my campfire. I’m sure it would involve law enforcement officers chasing me through the woods. Damn, I came full circle.

    Thank God (wherever she is) that the conservative ticket doesn’t have a viable horse in The Race. The clowns are in their own race to see who can be the most extreme in their ideology.

  55. The way things keep turning to shit, it shouldn’t take much of a “viable horse” to unseat the incumbent. Hell, Jimmy Carter could probably switch parties and win.

  56. …………………………………………………

  57. I dunno joe.

    I voted for the Anointed One. I’m actually ashamed to say that.

    And I would give my left nut to not vote for him again.

    But unless someone else appears on the GOP side, I’ll have no choice.

  58. fff, four more years of the way things have been going? Seriously?

    So who would you like to see on the ticket?

  59. At this point I see no one of value beyond Christie. A Jersey boy like me loves that fat bastard. But he won’t throw his hat in.

    So I’ll vote for Obama again to keep DC in gridlock for 4 more years.

  60. Hey, a man after my own heart. I also love me some Fatso.

    But think of this-Bad as Dear Leader been fucking things up, at least he has been somewhat held in check by the hope of reelection. With that removed, along with The Mainstream Media as his Ministry of Truth, it would take decades to put things right. No, come next November we gotta take out the traSH.