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20 thoughts on “Ferdi Kübler is a Baller

  1. You don’t even have to be that old to share his vision of today’s athletes…money and dope, entitled bitches.

  2. That pic just screams bad ass.

    The best pic of today’s riders just screams nancy boy.

  3. “It is unfortunate that cycling is ruined by doping. It really hurts, “said the three-time Tour de Suisse champion. He himself had never doped.

  4. from wiki…
    Kubler was born in Marthalen. He began racing professionally in 1940 but his early career was limited to Switzerland by the Nazi occupation elsewhere. He was multiple Swiss national champion and a three time winner of the Tour de Suisse.
    Kubler’s most successful years in international racing were 1950-1952, when the classics had resumed after the Second World War. He won the La Flèche Wallonne and Liège–Bastogne–Liège, both in 1951 and 1952. He was also World Road Race Champion in 1951, having placed second in 1949 and third in 1950.
    He rode the Giro d’Italia from 1950–1952, placing fourth once, and third twice. Kubler abandoned the 1947 and 1949 Tours de France, despite an early stage win in each. In the 1950 Tour, he benefited from the absence of Fausto Coppi, sidelined after a crash in the Giro. Overcoming Gino Bartali, Kubler became champion by over nine minutes, also winning three stages. In the 1954 Tour, Kubler won the points jersey and came second behind Louison Bobet.[1]
    Kubler was a high-spirited and impulsive rider sometimes given to strategically unwise attacks, out of exuberance and competitive drive. He was known as “the cowboy” because of his penchant for Stetson hats. He retired from racing in 1957 at 38. He is the oldest living Tour de France winner.

  5. i love those old racing pictures so much. the bikes were fucking amazing. and he is right – they were WAY harder back then.

  6. If I remember my history correctly, at about that time my Dad and his contemporaries were busying themselves with making it so that bicycle racing could be done in the rest of Europe. They did this with fire and steel and blood. If that don’t qualify them as ballers, I’m fucked if I know what does.

  7. I love DC but I gotta question why there are so many pictures with guys clutching their junk in the background. Also, if I was pedaling along and looked back to see Leon the Professional coming up on me looking like that there damn sure would be some sprintin’ goin’ on.

  8. What great steel stead is he riding? I WANT ONE! Looks like I could put fenders on that baby.

  9. …ferdi kubler looks like he modeled for the artists who animated ‘the triplets of belleville’

    …like gianni & bobbo say, man had some serious stick & some garlanded palmares

  10. …@morastone…that’s an italian frejus…kubler rode for them for 4 years from ’49 to ’52 & as mentioned above, he won the ’50 tour de france & the ’51 world championship on a frejus…

    …the brand kinda disappeared in the mid ’70’s when the second owner was kidnapped & assassinated by italia’s notorious communistic ‘red guard’

    …bianchi acquired the brand license to frejus & legnano in the mid ’80’s but nothing has been done with the frejus name since, as far as i know…

  11. Speaking of doping, in 40s and 50s they were much worse. Cocaine, heroin, strynine, amphetamines and that’s just hitting the surface. I hate to break it to you but most of the legends of cycling were high as Fuck, oh ya Santa is not real either.