Giving it some stick.

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I don’t have any idea who this guy is. But, I’ll tell you this much: he is railing it.

Good on ya.



Full size image:

Wide bars, short stem, baggy clothes, BMX helmet, platform pedals, sneakers, Spooky bike, absolutely WFO into that berm. What is that in the background on the left? It looks a bit like the ass end of a pickup truck under a tarp. And the orange stick on the ground just behind the bike, is this some kind of slalom course? Or a wayward wiffle ball bat, perhaps? Those games do tend to get a bit out of hand.

After I wrote the above paragraph, I started poking around the Spooky Bikes webpage (and I am, of course, way to lazy to delete any of said paragraph now). I may have stumbled upon the headwaters:

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5 Replies to “Giving it some stick.”

  1. Isn’t that Mickey from Spooky? I’ve only talked to him in the phone and over email…

  2. Dude is gett’n some. Stop positng, Big Johnny and go ride your bike! go get yourself some.