Tuesdays with Dirty: The Calm Before the Storm

August is shaping up to be one of the biggest months for travel in recent memory. I have a little over a week left to pack, plan, and sort gear before all the fun begins. It all started with Caveman sending me a text that he was going to be in Leadville while the 100 was happening. Then 4o Hands said he would pick me up at the airport in Denver if I flew up. That was all I needed to hear and plane tickets were booked within 15 minutes. Our mission: to bring our own unique drunkcylist level of rowdy to this big old stuffy race. Also, to provide Snake with his own private Tifosi when he passes our base camp on the powerline while he rips the legs off of the field. I know there will be some more of the DC family out there and we can’t wait to cheer all of you on as you motor past us. Our friend Kep has even promised to guide us around the local singletrack until our legs fall off. I think it should be a fine weekend in  the mountains.

There will be a three day break between getting off one plane from Leadville and boarding another plane, this time to Single Speed Worlds in Ireland. I have some plans to tour the west coast by bike and see some sights before the race. Then Scandinavian Jesus and myself will partake in what looks to be an epic party on two wheels organized by our Irish brethren in Limerick. I just hope I make it back alive.

With very little time between trips, I have spent most of my recent free time obsessing over what gear to take, and treating myself to some new goodies as well. What do yo do when you get a new camera, pack, and helmet? You throw some beers in the pack and go for a ride looking for things to take pictures of!

This is what I found when I was out cruising the dirt roads of northern AZ yesterday:


I need to get back to obsessing over what gear to take to a place where it actually rains, all while keeping it light and efficient(and without a rack and panniers). I will show you what I come up with once I get it dialed. I will leave you with this cool little video I found. Two friends in the desert with some clapped out bikes, inferior trailers, and some climbing gear. Looks like a good old adventure if I ever saw one.

So much cool stuff to do, so little time. Keep it dirty…

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I am a fan of singletrack, singlespeeds and single malt. Currently in Asheville, NC

8 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Dirty: The Calm Before the Storm

  1. Sounds like a fantastic trip db.

    Wish I could go with.

    But I definitely would not come back alive.

  2. DC will represent LOUD AND CLEAR at leadville. sorry i cant be there as the designated driver. wave that flag and scream loudly for me.

  3. Their trailers weren’t inferior; they just had them loaded way beyond spec. There are weight limits on those things, and it seems pretty obvious they were well beyond those limits. Still, looks like they had an awesome adventure.

    Have fun in Leadville!

  4. Going on a 100 mile bike / climb trip without spare tubes for the trailers or a spoke wrench is not adventurous, it’s poor planning and potentially dangerous… your bikes can get you further in than your feet can get you out…

    Really!? Not a single spare tube? Good thing they know more about climbing than they do about riding because gravity is less forgiving…

  5. Come on, why all the hate? These guys tried something new (to them), and who hasn’t forgotten the spare tube? I bet on their next trip it will go smoother. Sometimes you jump in the deep end and the water is over your head, you sputter and doggy-paddle to the rails; next time you bring your ducky-floaties; time after-that an inner tube… see where this is going? The only unfortunate thing is they videotaped it so the peanut gallery can feel better about themselves by tearing down the guys without giving them a chance for rebuttal.

    Haters gonna hate. The rest of us just get on and ride.

  6. +1 rogbie.

    The best part are the high fives. Think Shackleton. He didn’t think he’d get iced in at the south pole…but he had plenty of whiskey and after a two year ordeal, didn’t lose a man.

    Great story!

  7. Well, I’m eating my words… after being a bit overly critical (sorry guys) and talking trash about not having spokes, spoke wrench or tubes on their trip I got a taste of instant karma. Today, 3 days after my post, I went out for a road ride to burn off last nights beers… cruising along, just starting to get in the zone… picturing the ride ahead… when, “ping!”

    Shit. Ride over. Lesson learned.