They’re on to something in Lithuania

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In a demonstration to warn luxury car drivers not to park in the bicycle lane in the Lithuania city of Vilnius, the mayor of the city recently crushed a Mercedes-Benz parked in the bike lane with an army tank.

For the full read follow the link.

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17 Replies to “They’re on to something in Lithuania”

  1. I so wanna do that.

    But to my own car.

    Damn Subaru POS.

    Only 180,000 miles and it’s crapping out.


  2. That’s not a tank. Tanks have tracks and a serious gun. That is an armored vehicle.

  3. Oh, and is it just me or does that guy look alittle like Mike Dukakis?

  4. Doubt it, fomenter. Football stars are real athletes; not like those shaved-up sissies that ride bicycles in France.

  5. Lithuania, the greatest country in the world
    All other countries are ruled by little girls!

  6. Not to bust out with my cold war knowledge, or anything, but that isn’t a tank , but a Variant of the BTR-60 armored personell carrier. Im not usually so in your face with this but I am half way through a glass of Hornitos, and i just ordered a Haro beasley frame on ebay.. there are 6 left now, get off your asses……

  7. “cold war knowledge”? Son, I was doing “duck and cover” before you were in this world.