Nuts on the podium

This year the Tour seemed to be filled with a lot more class than in years past. Cadel stepping up his game to be a real champion, Hoogerland making us all look like sissies, and Voekler holding on for dear life to that yellow jersey. When watching the awards ceremony yesterday something else caught my eye…


The entire Garmin Cervelo team on the podium accepting their award for Best Team with a cardboard cutout of Dave Zabriskie. Dave crashed out on Stage 9 with a broken wrist and couldn’t finish the race. I thought this was a pretty solid move by his teammates. Nice work, boys.

VaughtersZabriskieTDF21_711-069-439x660image source

Here at DC, we have been a fan of Dave Z for quite a while and wish him a speedy recovery.

YouTube Preview Image

how to use the blue tape

Dave does business

gone vegan?

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13 thoughts on “Nuts on the podium

  1. It can now be revealed that that is in fact Dave Z, having encountered a wayward team car.

  2. Watched every stage, cryed several times, it was a beautiful race., one of the best I’ve ever seen now depression will set in till we get the belts in august …

  3. Is that one of those amish fireplaces in the background? I think you can buy them in National Geographic. I hear Floyd has stock in the company…along with the bicycle-powered butter churn. I wonder what Lance is doing right now…

  4. Huh, with the post title I figured you’d be saying something about the 12 year average of 5.33 testicles on the podium and how this year’s six bumps that up to a 5.38 testicle 13 year average…

    Seriously, great tour. Massive amounts of HTFU’ing, big bold moves, team efforts, solo efforts, all amazing!

    My list of hardmen in this year’s Tour – Hoogerland, Flecha, Jens, Thor, Cadel, Voeckler.

    Hats off to Andy and Alberto for making it a super fun Tour to watch, though I’m glad Cadel beat them both. Both had some big moves that had us all on the edge of our seats!

  5. “Vegan”? He eats salmon. Kinda like someone claiming to be straight because they only eat dick twice a week, ain’t it?

  6. is it me, or does vaughters look like the shithead clown from 90210? sideburns like that went out with hypercolors and overalls with only one strap holding up the rest of the mess.

  7. shit….DZ has got to get all the bitches. He’s cooler than the other side of the pillow. mufuggers got game

  8. Every team has to have a dick head on it and in Garmins case its Vaughters.