Tuesdays with Dirty: I went to Durango…

I went to Durango, and all I got was this stupid picture.


Like a dumbass, I forgot to put a memory card in my camera before the trip. The internal memory could hold six pictures and this is one of them. Four wonderful days of great friends(new and old), Telluride, Durango, and a quick stop at Phil’s World to break up the drive. I have been home for just about three hours and I have already cleaned the bike and re-packed the cook kit. I am ready to go again but life’s responsibilities call tomorrow. The road will have to wait for a few weeks when 40 Hands, Caveman, and myself meet up in Leadville to get rowdy and root for our boy Snake. Until then, I’m going to keep staring at this picture and daydream about perfect singletrack, huge views, thin air, and beers above 12,000 feet.

keep it dirty…

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I am a fan of singletrack, singlespeeds and single malt. Currently in Asheville, NC

12 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Dirty: I went to Durango…

  1. Nice shot! Did you get much rain out there? It’s been raining like crazy on this side.

  2. You went on a travel in to the hinterlands and came back with no pics ??

    Shame on you Sir.

    Shame I say !!

    Go do it again and come back with legit proof and then we talk.

    The Turtle God Has spoken.

  3. Far be it from me to be too demanding, but please, good sir, link that bitch in high res, so’s I can download it and slap it on my desktop as a calming influence. High temp today here was 61 degrees F, too fucking cold to ride. Aw boo hoo. Feeling useless, I cleaned the chain on the Trophy Bike and rode the the Quickie-Mart for a sixer of IPA. Carry on.

  4. lol @ rose. +1. since when is 61 too cold to ride?

    heat index today is 110 and i am loving every sweaty moment of this hot ass summer we’re having in cincinnati. you wont hear me bitch about the heat.

  5. sixty-one degrees for a high temp in mid-July is just plain wrong. How can you ride when the weather is so terribly wrong? (Pedaling to the Quickie-Mart for beer doesn’t count as riding.) I’ve ridden in short sleeves exactly twice this year and I’ve got barely 1000 miles in— wrong, wrong, wrong. This whole climate change thing sucks a mile of dick.

    PS— Out to ride. Keep the rubber side down, brothers and sisters.

  6. Ha ha okay I gazed at that photo from Durango and went for a 52-mile ride! The Trophy Bike is running perfect! I could tell drivers were amazed and envious of my bright, silver chain snaking silently through the drive train! They were dazzled by the sun flashing off my Dura-Ace 53t! I could have flown up the Sestriére! I almost bombed down the other side of Newport Way just so I could hammer up the dreaded Col du Eastgate! I love all of you! Everyone single one of you are doing a terrific job! I’ll buy every sum bitch in the joint a beer! Let me pack a bowl! Ow, that’s a thumb buster! Okay everyone, GROUP HUG!!