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13 thoughts on “Payback is a bitch

  1. Just goes to show why you shouldn’t pick on a kid with an older brother.

    Great stage!

  2. “It’s true, Alberto is missing that little extra he usually has, so now we have to race in a different manner. ”

    Could this be a reference to doping?

  3. Never assume that the Shlecks know rule #5 . Contador will be good in the Alps . Leopard will be fried by Sat ! Evans ,Contador, Basso for Paris ! Petit Blanc in yellow one more day !

  4. “Hello, room service…this is Alberto in room 401. I’d like the ‘Madrid Special’ with the 8 ounce filet instead on the 5 ounce. 20 minutes…that’s fine…”

  5. Steak jokes? That’s it?

    Stage 18 is a ways off, until then, I’m hedging my bets.

  6. I like Kelly’s opinion ….the Giro took a toll.


    When was the last time someone took the triple crown…’87? Roche? These guys put all their eggs in one basket…

    Look at Hinault…two major tours in almost every year….on six speed freewheels.


    Won L-B-L in the snow. In a recent article in Peloton, he was asked why he continued in such bad conditions…conditions that these guys piss and moan about…he just said, “I’m a bike racer”.

    When Cav (and other notable “sprinters”) pulled out of the Giro when the road tilted up…he said, “I’m a professional..not a cyclo-tourist.”. Get big or get out…

    Bad for the sport.

    Nuff said.

  7. schleckies can’t descend or tt for their life.
    And WTF with Andy’s helmet straps…pro or gomer?
    Not a hater of schelkies but damn…they got all crazy with scarves to look like re-O-tards with the helmet strap?

  8. Yeah, well of course the Schlecks are riding better – this year they aren’t on SRAM, so his chain stayed on for an entire stage.

    How come you never saw Andy doing one of those “I choose SRAM” commercials??

  9. Mark my words. Danielson will pull a Top 7 in this Tour. If he does not I will shave a mohawk in my taint and BOTOX my ballsack until it is a smoothe as a Barry White album.

  10. “Get big or get out . . .” Classic!

    As for the TDF, I agree that there is still plenty of racing to be done and that the Schlecks are looking formidable at this point. However, it’s still too early to prognosticate the contenders when so many are withdrawing due to injuries. Let’s hope that the remaining serious contenders can stay out of trouble and provide an exciting finish to this year’s edition of the race. Stay healthy and ride hard!!

  11. Oops, excuse the hell out of me, I see that young Tommy is a mere 35 seconds back of Contador, he could totally ride around him.