That would be 18 stage wins

Boom. And takes green. Story at Velonews.

Mark Cavendish Stage 11 Tour de France 2011

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The points competition looks a bit like this at the moment:

Cavendish @ 251 points
Rojas @ 235
Gilbert @ 231
Greipel @ 164

I’d say Gilbert has a good shot at it. But, that’s just because I really need sleep and Gilbert is a FUCKING BALLER.

I’ve been super busy, so I didn’t get a chance to say anything yesterday about Griepel. Good on ya, you giant monster of a human being. You nailed it. Awesome photo here:

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9 thoughts on “That would be 18 stage wins

  1. I may have to get cable just to watch Cav crawl through the mountain stages bent on reaching Paris. He may end up looking more heroic than Voeckler… but at the back of the race instead of the front.

  2. Sprint end stages should ne removed in the next years cause they’re simple boring. Now, let’s start the Tour !

  3. Pepin, you are more than welcome to turn off the TV on the sprint-end stages. Don’t hate. Appreciate.

    I find them to be exciting, interesting, exhilarating, and frightening. My shoulders get twitchy when I’m watching, dodging the traffic while I fight for my lead-out wheel on my couch. I wonder if I’ll detonate before I hit the line. Kaboom!

    The mountains are interesting too – I’m not hating – but if they took out the sprints this race would be ridden by anorexic midgets every year and no one wants to see that.