Bicycle Diversity.

The TdF is in full swing, and this really only means one thing to me. SUMMER!! Yes, it’s fucking hot outside. I am loving it though, you won’t hear any bitching from me. I LIVE for summer. Today we had a heat index that went up to 111 as the day went by. I spent the morning doing some major landscaping work for a friend and was cooked by 1:30pm.

We have been busy as shit, fun events happening every day it seems, starting with the 4th of July weekend. I went from racing two BIG crits one weekend, to racing an Alley Cat the next. I got 4th and won a cool light for my bike. A really fun time.

Then there was the parade, where we rode bikes with the local coop, Mobo Bicycle Cooperative. Dominic hammed it up on his flat bike.


I also played Bike Polo. It was more fun than I thought it would be. Those guys are competitive as fuck! I got scorched in the sun playing for about 3 hours. They play 10 minute games, then they take a beer and smoke break. It’s hilarious. I am going back to play again this week.

bike polo 036

I went out for a long road ride last weekend with this guy Ryan. He’s 27 and he loves to whoop my ass on some hills, heckling me while I grind my way up. I bailed out on the ride about 20 miles early cuz I was TOAST. I still rode about 60 miles with over 3,000 feet of climbing.


This picture is for FFF. Note the turtle on the back of the jersey.


Last but not least, a MTB ride with my husband, FINALLY. Lately, he would rather lay around and watch videos of people riding, like this one, then actually ride his own bikes. I refuse to let him be that guy.


I’ll leave you with a video from the NASCAR races last weekend. A break from TdF coverage. The “Hillbilly Hot Tub”, coutesy of Carrie Cochran, a local bike racer/photographer who was lucky enough to cover the event last weekend.

YouTube Preview Image

P.S. For you ladies, I am doing a giveaway of the most awesome anti-chaffing cream you will ever experience. HooHa Ride Glide is like butta’, made FOR women, BY women. I’ll never ride without it. If you want an entry, the rules are on my blog.

Get out and ride your fuckin’ bikes!

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14 thoughts on “Bicycle Diversity.

  1. Bike polo also has this thing called “beer point”. The games are played until one team scores 5 points. If the game becomes tied at 4 apiece, the next point is beer point. Meaning it was a battle of evenly matched teams and they deserve a beer for their efforts afterward.

    There are no dabs allowed either. If one puts their foot on the ground, they must “tap out” or touch the wall, bell or cone at mid-court before they can touch the ball again.

    I created the tap out rule. Fuck that west coast circle out shit. Go towards the goal or go home. (I love the west coast players, not their interpretation of the game.)

  2. we played with the tap out rule too. when i first heard about bike polo, i assumed everyone played on a fixed gear, clipped in. so not the case. i like the tap out rule tho.

  3. OK. That went thru. Where did my previous post go ?? The interweb is messed up today. Take 2.

    Show me the turtle love !!!!!

    I want that jersey.

    I also want the temps to drop 15 degrees. I was sweating like a moo yesterday. Kept going in to the walk in fridge to cool off. And the heat index was only 100. 111 ? Fuck that !!

    Interesting biker down story.

  4. Hmmmm. It let me post that so I tried a previous comment that disappeared.

    That disappeared too. Very strange antics.

  5. WTF ? lmao.

    Th original posts show up hours later ??

    Sorry for fucking up your post judi. Delete away.

  6. what is that malakas doing with green hair? he seems to be a grown man from what i can ascertain in the photos.

  7. @jazzy jeff

    Some people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day year round.

    Get used to it.

  8. Bike polo players are amazing; some of the best bike handling on the planet happens when the Axles if Evil play at Alberta Park here in NE Portland. Great to see you out there on a polo bike!

  9. judi, raise your damn seat on the polo bike and tell chris i’m gonna motorboat his ass in lexington this weekend, he’s doing it wrong!

  10. @jimmy, they brought me that bike to ride. i dont make any adjustments, i just try to hit the fucking ball. i will relay your message to chris today when i go try this shit again. i suck at it.

  11. we have a few alley cat races in our town at the moment. it is really taking off. we also are having a bike show’n shine’ which is basically a car show but for bicycles which is called pushie galore. check it out maybe its something you guys could be interested in the future. i like your comment about the bike polo guys being competitive, oh how very true. but hey who want to loose ? take care and keep up the great blog.