Tejay Van Garderen does the polka

He’s young, talented, from Bozeman, Montana, and was born the year I graduated high school. The kid has class for miles. Congratulations to Tejay Van Garderen to taking the climber’s jersey and most aggressive rider award on today’s stage.


Image source: http://www.daylife.com/photo/05Ch3zQ00Gf8V?q=Tejay+Van+Garderen+Tour+de+France.

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2 thoughts on “Tejay Van Garderen does the polka

  1. little factoid –
    Lemond is the only other american to earn the dots. but he didn’t get to wear them as he was in yellow at the time. so Tejay is the first american to ride around france in dots. congrats.

  2. Ant, I did not know that. Thanks!

    We’ll see what the kid can do in the future. I’ve heard his name mentioned before. Some have said he’s a man to watch for the future. I’d say he’s shown himself in a big way this year. In his first Tour no less.