Who’s a baller? Cav’s a baller.

Haven’t watched even one minute of the stage even though it’s been recorded since early this morning. I just haven’t the time. Shit, I haven’t even read about it. All I’ve seen is a couple of photos. And they pretty much tell me everything I to know. A couple guys fell. One hurt badly enough to retire. One guy who loves him to cocaine rode looking a bit battered. (I’ll just spray this stuff on my ass and see how that feels. You know what, it feels pretty good.)

This image is pure class.

Get some.
Get some.

Image source: http://www.daylife.com/photo/07yJ0Ff0Kv4D8?q=tour+de+france.

And, the finish line celebration. I told you Cav was due. Kid is one tough hombre.

Manx Missile, Manx Express, Cannonball Cavendish, Cav The Cad.
Manx Missile, Manx Express, Cannonball Cavendish, Cav The Cad.

Image source: http://sports.yahoo.com/sc/gallery/im:urn:newsml:sports.yahoo,getty….

Is tomorrow the day for Mimosa?

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7 thoughts on “Who’s a baller? Cav’s a baller.

  1. Who is Cavendish ?
    Did he made the race yesterday ?
    No, he just finished and won in a boring manner. As usual.
    Yesterday’s true baller was Jérémie ROY.
    Mimosa for winner today ?
    Perhaps. If he plugs his brain.

  2. Stage 5 was awesome.
    I’ve never seen so many crashes in one stage before, though thankfully no serious injuries.
    Cav came outta nowhere to take that win by a margin.
    Best stage I’ve watched for a long time.

  3. Its all about the G Unit, two lead outs in two days. One win for a current team mate and one for a future one?

  4. The first pic is worth shows why no man can match Cav in the last 200 m. He has a lower aero profile than any other sprinter, and like him or not he’s got heart like Jon Starks.

  5. Heart like Jon Starks! Nice.

    Cav is the fastest guy in the world right now. No one can come around him in the last 200 meters. The rest of ’em are just fighting for table scraps.

  6. …tyler farrar is a fast ‘new young gun’, romain feillu is showing great speed & form, ale’ petacchi refuses to be dismissed & andre greipel has something to prove but ain’t nobody & i mean nobody, is like mark cavendish…

    …he’s got the best lead-out train, to be sure but 9 times out of 10 his pure speed is unmatchable & his timing is absolutely superb…

    …yes, he’s ego driven & yes, he fully admits that he wants to leave a legacy but he’s maybe even greater than the sum of his skills…

    …if he stays healthy through the years, he may prove to be the best in a long time…we’ll see what the future holds…