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33 Replies to “This is your brain..um I mean legs, on drugs”

  1. Looks like he had his small intestine moved to his leg so he has a bigger chest cavity for his massive lungs.

  2. I’ve been staring at this pic for 5 minutes now and all I can come up with is….WTF ??!!??

    I mean seriously. WTF ???????

  3. It’s a really bad case of varicose. The blood enters the leg, but the vein has failed somewhere along the line, thus cannot exit the leg at the proper rate. The blood then collects and the veins grow large. If he were to knick one of those in a crash, he’d bleed like a stuck pig.

    I have a very small (1-1/2 inch) section on my left calf. Doc says it’ll likely grow as I age, but it isn’t a big concern.

    One can have surgery, but it’s vanity.

  4. Actually, this is the first documented case of male pregnancy. He’s carrying a fetus in his leg.

  5. I astounded it hasn’t developed a DVT at some point along the way.

  6. The vein is frightening, but I’m not sure which scares me most, the vein or the lack of body fat.

  7. Coersion. LA forced dope upon Curious. The overload on his cardiovascular system initiated the failure of the vien, thereby causing the varices.

  8. I can’t look at that picture. Seriously. It freaks me out that badly. It looks like it should hurt.

  9. And on another tangent, I immediately envision soft porn when I see that. Stay with me… Super hot big cleavage girl. Camera angle from thigh down. We watch her make delicious tongue love to that legbrain and she cain’t get enough, because you know, she’s an actress. Might also work with an actor, such as Vaughters.

    Yea? Yea?? Who’s with me?!?

  10. …well THAT seals it…i am NOT gonna be a pro cyclist…& the look of those veins is certainly the ONLY reason why…

    …thas some ugly shit & i’d imagine ol’ george is gonna need some kinda work on those legs once he retires…& for health reasons, not vanity…

  11. Terrifying.

    At our local amateur crit last night, a 68-year-old gentleman named Einar raced in the fixie category and I can tell you his legs looked a LOT healthier than that.

    This is way beyond mere varicose, a new medical condition waiting to be named.

  12. So did you guys see this Finnish nordic skier dropped dead at 41 years of age?


    Like pro cyclists, top nordic skiers perform superhuman feats on World Cup race courses. The last Olympic champion clocked 37 minutes in the 30K. Do the math— that’s averaging 15 MPH whilst cranking out laps through the snowy woods.

    While I can’t claim direct causation here, I think it might reflect a trend, and that trend suggests that doping athletes might be bad.