Tour Divide and No Idle Tour Update

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As of Sunday morning, the Tour Divide saw its first two riders hit the US/Mexico Border.  Kurt Refsnider rolled in first early Sunday morning to take the win of the most difficult bike races in the world.  Kurt averaged about 170 miles a day,  and will now forever be known as a baller in the cycling world.  Not long after Kurt hit the border, Jefe Branham finished up, averaging 167 miles a day for the journey.  I’m pretty sure Jefe was on a singlespeed making his finishing time that much more impressive.  A big congratulations go out to the finishers, and further support is sent to those who are still out on the route pedaling their way towards the finish.

For those who might be wondering how the “Friends of DC” are doing in their attempt to complete Tour Divide, here is a quick update:

– Dejay Birtch is in Northern New Mexico.  Judging by his call ins he is in good spirits.

– Jon Petit had just passed through Breckenridge, CO as of Sunday afternoon.

– Jake Kirkpatrick had to pull out in Southern Wyoming due to sickness

For updates of all of the riders progress, head on over to the Spot Leaderboard, and for great photos and updates check out Push Pedal Crank.

In other news related to long bike rides, Jay Petervary finished up the second leg of his No Idle Tour today.  Jay rode the approximately 3000 mile RAAM course from Oceanside, CA to Annapolis, MD in just over 13 days.  The main difference between Jay and the rest of the RAAM racers, was that Jay opted to ride the route self supported.  Since the No Idle Tour was meant to raise awareness about the wasted gasoline, and extra CO2 expelled into the atmosphere, Jay didnt like the idea of having support vehicles (required for RAAM) following him on this ride.  A big CONGRATS is sent Jay’s way for this mind blowing ride, and we will follow his progress when he attempts the Tour Divide route later this year.

Picture 3

Jay with his fully loaded bike somewhere along the RAAM route.

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