The classic of the falling leaves

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Tour of Lombardy. The last Monument of the year. The leaves fall upon the roadway and the cycling season in kind.

Il Lombardia Trailer

Another great dramatic documentary movie about one of the monuments. It’s always great when you don’t know dutch, but inflection and tone can tell you everything. They are planning for a release around the time of the 2011 edition (October).

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All I needed to see was the clip of Paolo Bettini’s 2006 win in tears only a few days after his brother Sauro died in a car accident. I was sold. I may never forget that image. Talk about powerful. That one is up there with anything I have every seen in cycling. It is simultaneously painful, awe inspiring, and utterly devastating.

Bettini’s wiki here: piece on the race here:

That looks to be one hell of a film.

Paolo Bettini wins for his brother

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Giro di Lombardia 2006 finale

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One thought on “The classic of the falling leaves

  1. Dude… Paolo Bettini’s 2006 Lombardy win was one of the most incredible exhibitions of bike handling on the edge I have ever seen. All out full fucking throttle. At one point he takes a turn so hard he has to pull his left shoulder back to keep from hitting the guardrail only to come out so wide that he has to pull his right shoulder back not to scrape a stone wall. The emotion at the finish made you cheer and cry. Believe it or not I still got that shit on the DVR. Paolo = pure fucking straight BALLER!