It’s Father’s Day.

Most of the writers here on DC are fathers, so I wanted to say Happy Father’s day to the ones who are doing it right. I’ve seen BJ with his two girls – he is an amazing father and his girls have no idea how lucky they are. Gnome, who loves his little mini-me more than I probably even know. Bike Punk, who posts pictures of himself and his boy on FB all the time are just too adorable for words. Snakehawk, Legs, and anyone else I am missing, you guys are getting the job done. Your kids are lucky. To all of the readers who are Dad’s, I hope you all have a great day. If you happen to see my Dad, kick him in the balls for me.

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9 thoughts on “It’s Father’s Day.

  1. That video rocked. Especially the part aboot the ornamental turtle.

    Happy Father’s Day.

  2. Mrs. Joe will be taking me out to dinner in abit. Our daughter opted to stay in and take it easy, which is fine with me.

    She’s 21 now, and an outstanding college student. I think I’ve done okay by her. I’m no Ward Cleaver, but I’m not The Great Santini either. Just a fallible man doing his best. Wish my dad was still around. I’d give anything just for him to know the granddaughter he didn’t live to see.

    Anyway, in the finest DC tradition I propose this toast:

    To all our fathers. And to all their sons and daughters.

  3. …higher powers than mine suggested in their own way & with their infinite wisdom, that in order to make this a better world, perhaps it would be better were bikesgonewild not to procreate…

    …i hadda respect that kinda judgment call…

    …but major props to all the honest, goodhearted, loving dads out there…& ya, despite the name ‘drunkcyclist’, i believe this site fosters a bunch of ’em, both posters & commentators…

  4. Im with bikesgonewild, no breeding for me. but a moment in respect for my old man. Not quite the best at raising me, but total top shelf now that he has aged to a fine perfection. Big up to all Dad’s or more importantly Father figure’s no matter the sex. Keep the bonds strong, and the chains oiled for the little ones.

  5. Fathers day down under is only in September.

    But I remember my dad, never failed to remind me how much I disapointed him.

    I got hauled out of combat ‘because your father is dying’ no he wasn’t, that happened 6 months later.

    He was fucking awesome, lied about his age & went into WWII as a sixteen year old, thereafter got a shit job which he hated but stayed with it to provide for us.

    I love you Dad, I’m just sorry that you never got to meet your granddaughter, because she’s awesome, just like you.