And so it goes.

First off, good luck to Gnome and Dirty Biker racing The Enchanted Forest 24 hour tomorrow. NO SLEEPING!

Right now, I am at my new job, working the night shift 4p-midnight. I am on hold with an airline for some asshole corporate traveler who has decided to change his reservation to Paris at the last minute. I am happy to be back to work, but I hate this fucking industy. I am happy to have really awesome benefits (Dominic will have health insurance for the first time since we’ve been together), but it’s NOT FUN to suck cock this hard, for real. Sometimes I wonder, is the 6% 401K match really worth it? I feel like I am selling my soul some days.

Except, I have to admit, the extra money is good for buying new bikes. Dominic has been watching this frame for 3 days. This morning he set the alarm at 5am so he could watch his bid and make sure he won the auction.

Quamen Clad G5 Flatland BMX Frame
Quamen Clad G5 Flatland BMX Frame

He did indeed, win. So, guess who is getting his old frame?

I like 20 inches.
I like 20 inches.

My big race of the year is over and it’s a bummer, but at the same time I am glad it’s done. Now I can just ride my bikes. There is still much racing to come this year, but there is absolutely no pressure. I can just show up and have fun.

Next up are two criteriums, which are next weekend. It’s a big weekend of bike races here in Cincinnati. Friday night is the Madeira Centennial Criterium, and Saturday night is the Hyde Park Blast, a USA National criterium. Last year, I did the Madiera crit and had a blast. It’s still one of the best experiences of bike racing I’ve had. My endorphins were buzzing all night long, like I had smoked a giant rock. I will never forget, writing up that race report, savoring every second of that 30 minute race. I hope to have as much fun this year.

I am also going back to triathlon next month. No, not the dorky kind. The off road kind. XTERRA at Versailles, a 1K swim (don’t even have to train for that), a 13 mile MTB ride (the same trail I trained for Mohican on, so I know it by heart), and a 5 mile trail run. I am excited.

Rad Reddit find.

From Tim C. on the Facebooks:
One Year Car Free. This is a rad post about a guy who decides to sell his car as an experiment. I love the ending. I am happy to say I have only put 10 bucks in the gas tank of my own car in the last month. Commuting to work is fun and the midnight ride home is rad. It’s just me, my bike, and the moon.

This chick in NYC got stopped by cops in NY for riding her bike in this outfit. SERIOUSLY? What is going on in NYC that cyclists are getting fucked with so bad?

You can read the story here.

Too sexy for the streets of NYC

That’s all I got. Have a great weekend, hope you get out and ride!

Twilight Singers -Teenage Wristband (for Kevin T.)

You say you wanna go there,
Ride then- I did- and I loved it
Say you don’t wanna be here,
Leave then- Time comes , to get gone
Say good morning to another set
Of creature, My dear, I’m gone-she said-

You wanna go for a ride?
I got sixteen hours to burn
And i’m gonna stay up all night-

Tell your mama fever come
Back again, Look what you started
And break it eazy to your boyfriend
She said- You wanna go for a ride?
I got thirteen hours to burn
And i’m gonna stay up all night

She said-she said
You wanna go for a ride?
I got no more money to burn
And i’m gonna stay up all night

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10 thoughts on “And so it goes.

  1. This chick in NYC got stopped by cops in NY for riding her bike in this outfit. SERIOUSLY? What is going on in NYC that cyclists are getting fucked with so bad?


  2. It is a fucking job! You are not selling your soul, dammit! It is just work so you can pay your bills and enjoy life. Jesus! Get an iPad so you can play games and shit while on hold.

    No such thing as a skirt too short. Stupid fucking cops!

  3. You don’t know half the shit we cyclists are having to put up with lately. It’s like the police and the gen. pop. decided to declare war on cyclists this year. It’s unreal. From tickets for having a canvas tote on your handlebars to women getting tackled by cops while on their bikes (did I mention the cops didn’t identify themselves?). $270 tickets for running red lights in central park at 5am ( of which there are like 48 for a span of 6 miles) and ticketing for speeding at 15mph in a zone clearly marked 25mph (cops had to eat some humble pie on that; went to the homes of the lawless cyclists to rescind the tickets). Ah, yes. I love NY.

  4. 1-You can do one of two things: A-Resign yourself to the fact that “It’s work. It’s SUPPOSED to suck.” Did that for years. No fun.

    B-Resolve to be above the fray. Do what you must to compartmentalize. Always have the mindset of “Son, if you’re having a shitty day, I’m sorry for your luck. I’ll do what I can to help you, but in the end your happiness is your responsibility”. This will in no way compromise your ability to be an efficient and productive employee.

    I hope your days get better and your outlook improves.

    2-I don’t know much aboot kids’ bikes, eh. But that green one had me at “Hello”.

    3-If even a tenth of the stories I’ve heard about NYC cops are true, it’s time to clean house. Assaulting a lone unarmed female? Not identifying himself as a police officer? One of these days that shit is liable to get some cop pounded into jelly. I hope so, and I hope it happens in front of like fifty reliable witnesses, all with video cameras.

    And that story up there about the nice Dutch lady? I know there are some dumb cops out there, but they should at least be aware this ain’t Iran or Saudi Araby. What’s next? Arrested for riding without a burka?

    Damn. Fuck, even. And they wonder why we call ’em “pigs”. Which is insulting and wrong, if you ask me. To actual oinking pigs, I mean.

  5. Please tell me this woman got busted in uber-Hasidic Williamsburg. That’s about the only way it could be explained.

  6. im with stevil on that one. She got a pic of her bike published in a big newspaper for free. Its all bullshit. but very clever.

  7. Wait a sec— are you telling me that some pretty girl in a short skirt was employed to sell something? No way. It can’t happen here. We’re much too sophisticated and discerning to allow that. Er, never mind.

  8. Just came home from my first trip to Manhattan.
    That particular Dutch skirt was long (and almost matronly) compared to what I saw EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME.
    Not that I’m complaining.
    Jah bless summer legs!