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23 thoughts on “BIKE LANE MADNESS

  1. And people wonder why there’s “tension” between cyclists and drivers…. Idiots. I think that cop was too lazy to get out of his car and ticket people for real infractions.

  2. except for the fact they’re giving tickets for riding in the car lane & not the bike lane.

    apparently the cops need more $$ as donut/coffee prices are on the rise. $$ from illegal searches/seizures must be way down.

    fuck nyc. complete & utter shithole.

  3. wow, just wow!!! this is the sad state of affairs nowadays. Instead of actually looking at the scenario and using common sense someone takes the lazy approach and keeps everything black & white. Very similar to the moron at Delta airlines who decided it was a good idea to charge those 4 soldiers returning from Afghanistan 2800.00 for their extra luggage! People are idiots

  4. Someone did THAT to Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons”? There’s the real crime.

  5. Back in the shitty weather OTC days Eddy B. would include such over-the-handelbars exercises in our winter training repertoire to show us how to minimize bodily damage. Casey would make him proud.

  6. …hellbelly…i’d never heard that before & it’s interesting to know that eddy b included that kind of training in his camps…intelligent, actually…

    …not something i’d have ever known, not having been good enough to get the invite…

  7. bikesgonewild – That particular exercise was actually directed by Brent Emery as an assistant to Eddy B. circa 1982 having us juniors crash into stuff onto gym mats indoors. I thought it odd at the time, but probably saved an injury or two.

  8. holy shit i cant believe i agree with joe on anything but i am hearin’ him on this one…

  9. yin and yang effect


    sucks when your legit and get sweated. but half of the fools out there aren’t helping. more proof to just live your life and deal, laws and all are some subjective shit.

  10. Jedi, as in: “these are not the bikes your are looking for”… Judi the Jedi.

    Now, i’ll go be a geek in that corner (points and shuffle outa sight).

  11. That was amusing. Here in ol’ Jonesboogie, AR the population of cyclists has also risen, and this is good. However, now we’re on the cops’ radar. I don’t need rules to keep me safe on a bike, the concept of ‘rules to keep me safe’ is a stupid one to begin with. They’re largely there to protect the liability of motorists. I can’t help but be pissed when I get pulled over on my bike. If a cop was making up rules on the spot, I’d be even more surly. Pissonit.

  12. I doubt one in fifty donut disposal specialists can even ride a bike.

  13. sorry, judi i posted this again today. wasn’t meaning to steal your thunder or be redundant, just a plain lack of attention to detail. i definitely need to check the site more often.

  14. This video may seem parody to those who live outside of NYC, but this is an all too gruesome reality for us locals.

    I sold a beater bike to a friend who is a novice. I rode with my friend across town both to assure them that it is possible to ride in the city and to make sure all the bolts and cables worked flawlessly.

    I noticed an SUV attempting to cut us off and positioned myself between the vehicle and my friend, waving the friend forward. We survived.

    Thirty meters later a cop in a patrol car rushes forward to yell that the bike lane is on the other side of 1st Avenue. Three massive problems: A) The bike lanes on 1st Avenue are always on the left where we were riding. B) There were no bike lanes on that particular stretch of 1st Avenue. C) Why the fuck didn’t that fat fuck take notice of the SUV nearly sideswiping two legally traveling cyclists?

    Luckily for me the cop kept going. I went to a rage level of 11 immediately. I would have knocked each and every tooth out of his skull. It is difficult to fathom how those who are trained to protect and serve know so little about the area in which they are monitoring. It is damning to know that cyclists will be berated by local law enforcement even when legally in the right.

    Fuck the NYPD.

    PS. 1/2 a mile later we saw the squad car parked in front of a Dunkin’ Donuts….