SDMB Winds 50K

Our collective apologies for all of us at DC for being a couple days late on this one, but SDMB won the $50,000 award to help protect mountain and desert trails from development.

SDMB freaking WON the $50K grant to build, maintain, and educate about trails!  Thanks go out to the DC brethren that helped us out!

– Scorekeeper Scott

Ready full press release here.

A BIG thanks to all those who voted to help SDMB win the grant, SDMB for fighting the good fight, and Todd Wells for the “celebrity spokesperson.

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One thought on “SDMB Winds 50K

  1. The DC Turtle God voted in favor of SDMB, so it had to be so.

    All other votes were superfluous.

    All hail.