Cyclist Down: Nick Haverland

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Sad news out of Cali:

Here’s more:

and some information about the victim,

20 years old is too young, our thoughts, prayers, and condolences are with Nick’s family and friends.

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30 Replies to “Cyclist Down: Nick Haverland”

  1. Drunk or just a normal driver from India ?

    I lived in an area of NJ that we called “Indian Country”. They drive like shit even on a good day. Part of the reason I moved away.

    Condolences to the family.

    They need to, but won’t, fry the bastard.

  2. Lamest shit ever. Of course it was a fucking Hummer. I feel like it’s always a Hummer, the vehicle that just screams douchebag.

  3. I only wish they had let the police dog have some more time with this waste of oxygen. And I agree with D2 about Hummers and their ilk!

  4. Sad news. My condolences to his family. As far as the driver, they should put him on a bike and have a Hummer hit him a few times.

  5. Fry the bastard when he can be Bob’s the serial SM rapist’s altar boy for a 10 to 20 years? Frying is waste of electricity that could be used to cool down drinks.

  6. “…look everybody, i’m such a success that i drive a hummer…”

    …if you’ve got the money to buy a hummer, you’ve got the money to take a taxi when you drink, you son of a bitch…

    …i don’t wanna even start…serious condolences to the family, friends & anyone affected by a tragedy precipitated by the drunken selfishness of that fucking moron…

  7. I agree about the Hummer…had some douche almost kill us on 6 Gap ride…take your money and buy a cock

  8. I put this up before, but chain him to the steering wheel and run the damned Hummer through a shredder, on fire. Show it live on Nationwide TV every damned channel except the kids’ ones, which will be black in honor of the kid that was killed, then run it 4 times a day on the Speed TV channel, and at least once per NASCAR race. Let every drunk driver know that drunk driving will be punished, and if you kill while driving drunk you WILL die for it.

  9. Unbelieveably tragic. But as for the Hummer…shit, twice this year I’ve nearly been hit by fucking Priuses (although they probably would have folded like a paper bag upon impact). The asshole behind the wheel was/is the problem (not his nationality or ethnicity), and everyone knows it, not necessarily the vehicle. May he burn in hell, if you believe that kind of thing…

  10. Makes my guts hurt even reading the articles. Incredibly sad. Condolences indeed to Nick’s family.

    The driver is obviously a thoughtless person who didn’t think about how his drunk driving threatened every other person on the road. A friend of mine was killed by a drunk driver a few years back, I still get angry as hell when I hear people say “well I was just buzzed, and only a mile from home so…” when they talk about their decisions to drive after drinking.

    That being said, I’m a little taken aback by the references to the driver’s ethnicity and comments such as “immigrant sewage bag”. I’m a cyclist, a member of an immigrant family, and a non drinker. Be careful about racist, xenophobic generalizations.

  11. Yikes. Let’s keep the discrimination limited to the model of car. An asshole is an asshole regardless of ethnicity.

  12. Mea culpa. I saw the guys name/face and went in to stupid mode. And that was sober. Imagine if I was drunk.


  13. Probably be let of with a caution. Fucking typical, reminds me of the guy who braked hard in front of me and then tried to ram me from behind after I had passed him. Remove brain before entering car.

  14. Every day is a gift. He passed doing, what he would have loved to pass doing. Can’t get no better then that.

  15. …@smokincrow…“Every day is a gift…”…granted, i’ll give you that…

    …but as far as this crap…“…He passed doing, what he would have loved to pass doing. Can’t get no better then that.”…pure & utter bullshit…

    ……maybe you think it will offer comfort to some, so go ahead & say “oh, he didn’t suffer, he died instantly…blah, blah, blah…”…i’ll say “bullshit”, again…

    …the truth is, the young man was brutally terrorized, even if it was for only a few seconds as he was being hit by a fucking drunk in a huge vehicle…

    …he may not have realized his life was about to expire but with the body’s triggered adrenaline response to an intense physical situation, his mind told him something was terribly wrong…

    …sorry if i sound a little caustic, amigo, but i think you are way fucking off base…in 2009, 630 americans died in bicycle related situations involving motor vehicles – that is 2% of all motor vehicle fatalities …one cannot look at that statistic & consider it a positive because “…they were doing what they loved…”

    …no fucking way…

  16. What bgw said. And yeah, I’d like to die with my boots on. It’s gotta be better than sitting around in some piss-smelling retirement home just waiting for the end. But at the hands of some drunk driver? Nobody deserves that. And small comfort, but at least they caught the bastard. That’s something. And a trial might run a couple million. Double tap to the head? About a buck-fifty.

  17. “Biederman said his client has two children, owns a liquor store and has legal residency status in the United States.”

    A liquor store? Seriously?

    And just goes to show that it isn’t the illegal (and otherwise law abiding residents) we should be worrying about, but the legal ones that can’t even respect the laws.

    So that makes this very easy, kiss your visa good bye and take your ass back to India, asswipe. And if your kids don’t have citizenship here, take them with you and DON’T COME BACK.

  18. Nick was my friend. We had field biology class together this semester. Nature and finding organisms is what Nick really loved to do. He was a passionate, intelligent, and soulful person. We were all extremely lucky just to know him – he made our classes together so much better than they would have been otherwise. He was very happy and fulfilled before he died.
    What happened to him was horrible. That man who was driving indeed deserves to die and if I had the chance, I would testify against him and lock him up forever.
    Thank you all for your comments. It’s good to see that some people still know what right and wrong is.

  19. …honestly sorry you lost your friend, lisa c…he definitely sounded like a ‘contributor’ in this life…

    …as far as the perpetrator, beyond punishment, which should definitely include lengthy jail time, any moron who owns a liquor store & shows so little judgment as to drink & drive & then actually take someones life while in an inebriated state, should not only lose his liquor license but be forced to sell his store at market value & pass the proceeds on to the family of the young man he killed…

    …& the court should make sure there’s no ‘selling’ the store to a family member for a dollar & still reaping the profit down the line by way of a good lawyer & financial manager…