Phyxed for a day.

Yesterday I rode my beautiful fixed geared bike for well over 3 hours. Dominic switched out the gearing to be a tad more appropriate to ride from the house. I can spin my legs out on the flats and still be able to climb the hills home on the 42×18.


I wore the appropriate fixie gear – none.


I chased a group of idiots on Segways hoping to catch a picture of them in their ridiculous neon yellow vests. I never caught up to them. It was fun trying.


Sunday marked a decade since I quit drinking alcohol.

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About Judi

Bicycles are my salvation. They are my way of life. If you don't like it, then you can go straight to hell. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

32 thoughts on “Phyxed for a day.

  1. Good on ya for ten years, kid. As for me, if I had to choose between fixed gear and the bottle I’d be a teatotaler, no brainer.

  2. Nice bike. I bet it felt good to ride 3 hours between all the rain we have endured in Ohio. I am in the midst of yet another storm right now.

    I would imagine that a gaggle (or is it a pod?) of Segway riders would look amusing. However, nothing wrong with neon green vests to be seen by traffic, unless, of course, they were on the sidewalk and just wanted ego-centric attention – which I bet was the case because being on a Segway shows they want attention.

    Most importantly, congratulations on the 10 year anniversary! That is an epic accomplishment! Enjoy.

    Due to most unfortunate and ironic circumstances, I only made it only 9 years and 11 months. A sad story that I will not reveal here…

  3. Congrats! Even though I have the occasional I just seem to find fewer and fewer reasons. Hope it is that way for you.

  4. Fixed is even more fun on a banked track constantly turning left…. Does Az have a velodrome?

  5. @Kg_c, no AZ velodrome. Closest is San Diego. There were rumors of a drome coming to AZ or ABQ over the past decade but no deal ever stuck. A damn shame too. Both FLG and ABQ would make great high altitude venues.

  6. Judi: fixies used to be fun. I lost the urge.

    It’s a dirty job. Someone’s gotta do it… you might as well be the one!

  7. we have major taylor velodrome in indy, a 2 hour drive for me. this is where i learned to ride a fixed gear.

  8. What, you mean you actually ride a velodrome? You’re not just tossing on the skinny jeans, ridiculous glasses, cycling cap, and messenger bag to show everyone how unique and cool you are?

    Okay, in that case, you’re legit.

    Velodromes are badass. I’ve never ridden in one, though I’ve always wanted to.

  9. @d2 dammit, if it were closer i’d race track. i got the legs for it. dominic took a track racing clinic 3 years ago. he loved it. and i dont own skinny jeans, only boot cut.

  10. Im drinking a beer in honor of your not drinking for so long. You know, it’s how I do… Good on you and don’t let them bastards get you down. There will always be haters.


  11. Good on ya’ Judi.

    I don’t ride fixed on the road, but used to live close to the Frisco velodrome. I had a lot of fun at a couple of clinics, and saw some great racing there.

  12. Another electrician? Cool. In what aspect of our beloved discipline do you ply your craft?

  13. Judi, it just struck me-alot of you kids run a messenger bag and no fenders. Those things (messenger bags) make my arthritic old body hurt just looking at them. Got fenders, rack and panniers on my Crosscheck and it’s damned near as useful as the family car now.

  14. @JTE – i’d like a fender on my beater bike for when i start commuting. other than that, i keep my bikes naked. and that includes a seatpost bag. i carry all my shit in a jersey, and if i don’t wear a jersey, i carry my messenger bag.

  15. Nothin’ wrong with that, long as it works.

    Me, I’m arthritic as fuck and been known to hit the grocery store for five or six bags of groceries. I wince just thinking of hauling even half that on my back. Still, it must be nice just to grab a bag and be ready to go on whatever bike you feel like riding.

    Hmmm, seems like someone could make a pretty good living selling racks that mount and dismount with the flick of a lever. Not those seatpost racks that are good for maybe twenty pounds. REAL racks that would carry loaded panniers.

  16. Congratulations on ten years, it is wonderful to be free of the compulsion to drink. I have enjoyed nine years of no monkey and will make all effort to see it lasts till i fall off perch.