Cincinnati stuff going on.

Mohican is less than 5 weeks away and I don’t think I’ve ever felt this unprepared for a race. Even going into the Ironman, I knew I could make the cut offs. The Mohican is, by far, a much harder goal than an IM, and perhaps at this point, unobtainable. I’ve only been on my Voodoo a handful of times, the longest ride being only 5 hours. And that was a month ago. The trails here have been closed for weeks due to the unending rain. This is what we’re dealing with:

I’ve been putting in 200+ mile weeks on my road bike, which is nothing compared to where I should be. Hell, I haven’t even completed a 100 mile ride yet this year. Lame. I have no excuse either, except for the fucking rain. I am still jobless, though unemployment kicked in, just in time for a mortgage payment. I had a second interview last week for a good job in the travel industry, hoping to hear something this week.

I’ve started volunteering for the local bicycle co-op, Mobo. I haven’t needed a membership, since we have a shop in our basement and Dominic is my mechanic, but I thought it was something I could do to stay busy, while looking for work. Their fund raiser is this coming Saturday so if you are local, come on out and have some fun. I was able to get an assortment of gift cards donated, everything from tattoos to acupuncture. There is plenty of cool stuff to bid on.


May is BIKE MONTH, and Queen City Bike has lots of events planned. During Bike to Work week, our shop is in charge of the bike commuter station on the 19th. Dominic, Kevin and I will be there bright and early, hoping to see lots of cyclists riding bikes.

If only it would stop raining…..

Kristi Siconolfi, friend and photographer, shot a bunch of stuff down in our basement last month. She is submitting a piece for BIKE MONTH with 50% of the money going to the Ali Delgado fund, the girl who was hit by a car last October on her bicycle. It’s called Life on the Wheel. You can check out all of the pictures on her Facebook page.


Bones’ memorial was last Sunday. Pics on my blog. A spray paint murial went up last weekend too. More and more details are coming out with three investigations going on. The coolest fucking thing I saw, walking back to the car, was this random bike, locked up, with these words stenciled on the frame:


I’ll leave you with a local band, Wild Talents, my friend Tara’s band. They released this video, a sneak peak at some of their upcoming EP. It’s a bit of a tease, but her voice gives me goosebumps and I think they’re really good. Check it out. If you want to hear the whole song, go here.

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8 thoughts on “Cincinnati stuff going on.

  1. Dollars to donuts that you’ll be just fine at the mohican.
    As a veteran of getting to events in a state of ill preparedness (I prefer to call it “aggressive tapering”) I’ll suggest that you’ve got *at least* these things that will carry your day.
    Your base fitness will see you through most if not all of the race.
    Should that start to fade, fitness can tag in pride, stubbornness etc.
    Call it ‘character’ or whatever but it’s good for piles of miles.
    If, that still isn’t enough (and it’s a long shot but I’ve been there) You still have to get back to the car somehow. Call it survival, but no matter the name it works when it needs to.

    That’s mostly meant in jest but of course there’s truth in humour.
    Eat very well before and very often during, stay hydrated and enjoy the experience. You’ll be fine no matter how it plays out.

    looking forward to reading about it.

  2. I agree with Kark. And, putting in 200 miles weeks on the road bike is nothing to scoff at. That is a whole lot more than I’ve ridden in the last three years. I’m a marshmellow, but you get the idea.

  3. 200 miles a week and you’re worried ?

    I’m with bj. I’ve done 200 miles in the last year. I would be screwed.

    You’ll be fine.

    Good luck.

  4. …dunno if it’s your idea to eliminate the “comment by” box on the side, gnomer (& i don’t wanna accuse you if you didn’t do it) but it sure seems like somebody pissed on the idea of what drunkcyclist is about…

    …but then again, maybe i don’t “know” what it’s supposed to be about…

    …i was under the impression that part of the fun & appeal of this site was the opportunity to know “who said what” in regard to whichever post…& ya, freedom of speech led to a few serious & even nasty disagreements but it also allowed for people at odds to try & work things out & most of us at least tried to do exactly that…

    …& that, as it stands, just got pissed on…

    …just sayin’…

  5. 200 miles a week? For heaven’s sake. Go do it. You will be fine. You will make all your cutoffs. And you will finish strong. Mohican is waiting for you.

    Nice that you’re hanging out at the local bike co-op (what does MOBO stand for?). Turn a wrench long enough there and you won’t need Dom to fix your bikes anymore.
    The only time I was ever even vaguely tempted to consider living in Cincinnati was when I thought about applying to rabbinical school (HUC has a camps there). That lasted about 15 minutes, when I realized I had a better shot at becoming a Cantor. But I keep hearing more and more about the place from you and it’s starting to sound more and more like Another American City I Must Visit Before I Die. One of these days.

    Go do Mohican! Bring home bragging rights and schwag! And a tan, maybe.
    DO IT!

  6. Sounds like your base level of fitness is solid and training has been consistent. I think you’ll be just fine for the Mohican as long as you pace within your means. However, if you start shitting buckets of brown water half way through the event, I would probably re-assess the ability to finish. Such a fine scenario was thrust upon me after months of preparing for the Cream Puff. If you would have walked by the shitter next to the covered bridge when I was in there creating a Jackson Pollack, you would thought some old man was getting it family style from an Aryan brother. Good luck, you’ll do great.

  7. 11,000 feet of climbing in 350 foot doses. im told to do hill repeats more than anything. acclimate the feeling of hills after long hours in the saddle. i don’t expect to shit brown water because nutrition is key, and i learned that from the IM.