50 proof

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It is a glorious morning here in Prescott, Az and the Whiskey offroad “50 Proof” just went off with a shotgun blast. Normally I like my whiskey a little higher proof but we ain’t taling about drinking. Yet.

Best of luck to all of the 550 riders that just set out for 50 miles of amazing high desert riding. The only thing bigger than the climbs on this course are the views. I’m about to head up the hill to the half way aid station and cheer on all of our friends from El Grupo Cycling, Form cycles, Voodoo, Niner, and all the other people that were flying the DC colors. I saw a few unfamiliar faces wearing the jersey and I hope to meet and toast them later.

Arizona Bikes and Guns
Welcome to Arizona. Let's go racing!

Single speeders to the front please. The winner of the singlespeed class gets an all expense paid trip to Ireland for Worlds in August. I can’t even imagine how much these guys are hurting each other right now.

pimps up. gears down.

Time to ride. My buddy Jim and I are going to go for a ride and set up our own aid station on course.  Have a great ride today! Let’s try and keep it dirty…!

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17 Replies to “50 proof”

  1. Every pic I’ve see out of Prescott today (as I sit at home in Phoenix studying for my_last_law_school_exam_ever!) is totally bananas. We are missing one hell of a good weekend, folks. Try and make it to Prescott next year. I know I will.

    Check out what the gnome is cooking: http://drunkcyclist.tumblr.com/.

  2. BJ, i am doing this one for sure. fuck trying to ride trails in the mid-west in april. DB says this one has my name written all over it. count me in for 2012. see you there.

  3. Oh man,

    I ran into the Gnome today, in downtown Prescott. He was rolling in proper DC style. Good on ya, bro.

    I also ran into Sadcow. The dude should get huge/mad props for his show in Prescott this weekend. The kid is a rock!! His events are pro-style, and the resulting attendance supports that.

    I guess the end result is a good showing by the DC crowd, as well as a good showing by the mtb crowd that came to AZ. Thanks all y’all, and I hope everyone had a great time…


  4. Shotguns to start a race? Finally a go reason to bear arms or whatever.

    I hate man’s penchant for war and weapons, but the army, instead of using weapons to shoot things, should have a policy of dragging heavy weaponry and a truckfull of blanks to races as “starting gun”…

    Imagine doing an Ironman or the Leadville and on cue, the uniforms lets off a burst of quad 30mm triple A blanks over the heads and behind the massed racers… Bloody noisy. Perfect. Gets the heart rate up. Probably leading into a NOFX song or something.
    In fact, the kiddie race should be started by a battery of 155mm “firing for effect” on blanks.

    Tax money waste I would agree with.

  5. Yes, let’s disband the military. I’m sure we would all be safer. Sweet fucking Jesus, where do we get ’em?

    On a side note, I attended a performance by a symphony orchestra as a young child and was so taken by it that I decided then and there that I would play in an orchestra when I grew up. Imagine my chagrin when my mother (herself a classically-trained pianist) informed the cannon was used only in that one piece-“1812 somethingorother) and nowhere else.

  6. Nonono, no disbanding of the military!!! Where would we get our starting guns then? The local redneck militia? Fuck if they know the difference between a blank and a airbust or a HE…

  7. Couldn’t tell you either. And I don’t think I’ve ever even KNOWN any “redneck militia”.

    But I was eight years old, putting the second round through the first hole. Not that it means much in this day and age.

  8. …it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, isn’t it, children ???…

  9. At the 12 Miles of Hell (might be Hills of Hell or Mountains of Mahem, depending on which promoter is putting it on. The original was the best.), in Lawton OK on the Fort Sill base, they start the race with a Civil War artillery cannon. It is loud. There is no question about whether the race has started. It’s a fun race if anyone is ever in those parts. Actually closer to 16-18 mi. About 1000 people generally show up. Only age classes. It’s in February, so it could be sunny and 70°F or it could be icing. The race goes off either way, and they have an award for the best skin abrasion. The course is full of very sharp rocks to bite the people, and lots of thorns to bite the tires. Top 8 or so in each age class get a rock from the base. Higher placing equals bigger rock. Winner’s rock is about 100 lbs. I only have a 6th place rock, it’s 11 lbs.