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24 Replies to “Happy Hump Day”

  1. the sound card on my computer died yesterday so i have no idea what she’s saying, but it’s really for the best. the talking always annoys me anyway

  2. The longer she strokes the longer it gets!

    No, no, no! Don’t cut off the end with your finger!

  3. actually. i think this is one clip where the sound is even better than the video. funny shit. happy hump day indeed.

  4. im not gonna mention names, but someone i know had a dream about a ceramic dildo after watching this video!!!

  5. very talented young lady.
    the audio really DOES make it.

    …get your hand really wet…
    …keep it lubricated…
    …almost there…

    shit i need a smoke after watching that.

    thnx judi

  6. She is a Pro. What a way to start the post lunch push. Its almost time to go ride!

  7. I just watched this on my phone in the break room at work… Got some interesting looks from co-workers