Mimosa is due

Chavanel rode with class last weekend. He played the team card he was dealt – essentially, work for Boonen. It allowed him to sit on the tail end of the mighty C-Store, declining nearly every invitation to share in the work. If not for the late arrival of a fresh-legged Nick Nuyens, the man known as Mimosa could have taken a monument.

As they say, there is always the next race to focus on.

French hopes for a Paris-Roubaix win on home soil rest firmly on the shoulders of Sylvian Chavanel (Quick Step). The 31-year-old rider is in the form of his life, but it has yet to bring him a win in any of this year’s cycling Monuments. After falling just short of the win in the Tour of Flanders last Sunday, Chavanel hopes to bounce back with a victory in Paris-Roubaix.

“I’m still regretting my loss in the sprint (in Flanders), but if I can win on Sunday, that will make up for it,” said Chavanel.


I expect Sylvian Chavanel to feature prominently in Roubaix tomorrow. The man is due.

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3 thoughts on “Mimosa is due

  1. …chavanel was a major player in ‘de ronde’ & if boonen doesn’t stir the attack on his own teammate, which launched ‘candy store’,maybe it plays out with chavanel for the win…

    …either way, he should a’ bitch slapped boonen back on the bus…that selfish prick OWES the frenchman…

  2. I drink Baron de Pichon Longueville tonight in honor of a Chavanel victory!

  3. …chavanel’s palmares are somewhat impressive including three tour stage wins & three national time trail championships but i think he deserves to stand on the top step of a major classics podium like paris-roubaix in his career…

    …the guy is always working it…