Our local Beacon Hill in Spokanastan

A couple a weekends ago I went out to see a new line that has just been built at Beacon Hill in Spokane, Wa. The last couple years it has been getting a ton of love from the local builders. We have two guys (Joe Perrizo and Skye Schillhammer) that tear it up on the slopestyle bikes- they were hitting the big dJ line when I just got there and was able to capture them hitting the line up. Too bad the damn sun disappeared right when I set my flashes up.

joe perrizo
joe perrizo
skye schillhammer
skye schillhammer
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14 thoughts on “Our local Beacon Hill in Spokanastan

  1. i used to do the beacon bomber there when the WIM series was in full effect. that was some fun assed riding.

  2. Its Methlahem.!!!. I was just there yesterday. Great town btw. Its also known as Spokanada..

  3. I would stay downtown and ride the Trophy Bike from my hotel up to Post Falls, Idaho, ring the bell and ride back to the hotel bar for a pint. Fifty miles, off-street. A little windy sometimes, though.

  4. mikey is that on that american trail thingy.. Ill be there every week all month . i can rent a bike downtown…

  5. @greg— yes, it is… a lot of “serious” cyclists pooh-pooh bike trails, but jeez, fifty miles after work and nary an angry, distracted SUV driver to bang elbows with? Very nice. Ride on, brother.

  6. Beacon hill is tough sleddin love that place , when they used to have the downhill races back in the 90s always a ambulance running ,

  7. thanks mikey.. im with ya on that one.. looks like tues will have some ok weather too