Tour of Flanders 2011 finale

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Note: We’ll post better video as it becomes available. Please provide links in comment section.

Update: “ronde van vlaanderen 2011 final kilometres – Nick Nuyens victory” below.

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Boonen had so much power, and he almost there. C-Store could feel it too, and he started the sprint early to try and keep the distance. I believe that’s Boonen’s legs you can see at the top of the video still on the first embed; he was almost there. So close. And, yet, so far. The second vid shows how he was just out of the frame at the line. Damn. That was awesome.

Second update: Last 50k. Thanks to Expat in NL for the link.

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11 Replies to “Tour of Flanders 2011 finale”

  1. You had better believe Riis is stoked. He lost last year’s winner as an athlete on his squad when C-Store took his talents elsewhere, and Riis still came home with the goods.

  2. For you PHX people. The last two hills were like climbing Sage Dr, if it were cobbled.

    F’ing amazing. I was rooting for Boonen, but glad Nuyens held them off.

  3. Nuyens played that brilliantly. Cancellara was destined to lose in that situation–no one in his right mind would do do a fair share of the work given Cancellara’s stellar power. Cancellara was left to do 90% of the work in the last three Ks.

  4. i’m not sure they were shaking hands..almost looked like some half-assed slingshot to help c-store to the front, i’m also hung over, so most likely i have no idea what the fuck i’m talking about.