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Spring has sprung, daylights saving time occured, my research life has picked up, and I am easily distracted.  The end result is that the all of the things that I see during the week that I feel are DC material, get swept to the wayside temporarily.  Instead they will all get crammed together in this post as I sip coffee, and do what I can to avoid bike websites so that when I watch the CI later this afternoon Sunday’s racing will be a surprise to me.  Awesomeness kicked off with spring break two weeks ago, my years of getting drunk on a beach while shouting out “SPRING BREAK”, and hoping to see a pair of tits are long past me.  Instead I convinced my girlfriend to join me on a Southwest road trip, my main motivation was getting to partake in the SBFL, as well as enjoying some time in Flagstaff (or “the Missoula of Arizona” as I like to refer to it).  Gnome got the write up perfect last week, so I’ll keep my ramblings short.  In the end I lacked the throttle that Gnome had that day, and that mysterious skill simply known as “it” that is required to ride Sedona with any sort of style and speed.  I was with the fast folks for all of ten minutes before I realized it was not my place to be there, I kicked it into touring mode, took some photos, and enjoyed a full day of trail in Sedona.

DSCN0432The view from an earlier section of the route, a perk of not having the motor to “race” with the fast folks is being able to take some photos.


It’s always nice to ride with new folks, unless they turn out to be assholes, these guys were not assholes.

Once the ride was finished, and the car near packed for the trip back up the hill, I got the surprise of the day.  Yup, what better way to cap off a day of mountain biking, pizza, and beer, that with some super sugary piece of shit alcoholic beverage.  I commended my girlfriend’s creativity, sucked down that 22 oz. of Ice, and suffered through a stomach ache for an hour.


Onto other shit, upon returning from the trip, I had a package in the mail from Poppa 40 Hands.  He had sent me this article from the New York Times.

Picture 4

“You can make a bike and make it just as good as any other bike,” said Marty Odlin, 29, who started Bamboo Bike Studio in 2009 and has since expanded to San Francisco. A basic frame-building class costs $632, and proceeds go toward projects to supply bicycles to people in the developing world.

It’s a few weeks old by now (and a similar article was written Bicycle Times’ last issue), but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m a big fan of what the folks at Bamboo Bicycle Studio are up.  For a reasonable price, you get to work with a unique frame building material, and dont have to invest a massive quantity of time to produce a frame.  The other reason while I am rather excited about what these guys are doing in NYC is because the article also came with a note from my dad, asking “How would you feel if I made you a bamboo SS for your graduation?”  Two things popped into my head: 1.) Yes please!, and 2.) How can I graduate quicker?

Along the lines of regular joes getting a chance to do something totally rad, the gang that runs the BC Bike Race are offering up a free entry.  The catch is that you have to be the type of person who has given up a great deal of their personal time in the name of bikes.

From cutting trail to organizing rides and races or helping junior riders, there’s always that one person in town who makes MTB easier. The folks at the BC Bike race want to reward just those types of people with a free ride.

To nominate someone for the Kazlaw Community Mountain Biking Award, submit a short summary (up to 500 words) describing what the person does to make mountain biking happen, along with one to four inspiring photos. Email nominations to info@bcbikerace.com by April 6. Race organizers will then announce the eligible nominees and put it back to the public to vote on the most deserving riders.

The BC Bike Race is a seven-day mountain bike race/adventure from Vancouver to Whistler. The event, which runs about $1,900 U.S. for the full race, is gearing up for its fifth year and sold out its 500 allotted slots in 2010. Organizers say they are getting positive feedback too on the addition of the shorter, four-day “Challenge.”

Marc Kazimirski is a passionate cyclist, a former Canadian national team member and is a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver BC. Kazimirski is a cycling advocate and the Kazlaw Community Mountain Biking Award is meant to support community cycling.

More details available here: www.bcbikerace.com/registration/promotion.

Time is running out, so if know anyone who fits the bill, and can clear their schedule this coming Summer, start pounding the keys, and get your entries in.

Along the lines of racing, their are a few that are on my radar.  Mainly new events that appeal to me because old is boring, and new is eye opening.  First is close to me, just a few hours down the Front Range near Pueblo, CO.  The VooDoo Fire MTB race is April 23, 20011, giving racers a 35 or 70 mile option, and best of all does not require a USAC lisence.  I’m sure that I am not alone with this thought, but Pueblo has never been anywhere close to the top of my “must ride” list, but maybe this event could change that sentiment, especially with this provided description.

The course originally intended was approved – giddy up folks, this one’s gonna be a hoot! Featuring 90% singletrack with some double thrown in occasionally to catch your breath, this sprawling course rolls through enchanting bluffs of high desert prairie and pinyon pine. You won’t remember if you’re in Pueblo, Moab or some mystical Stonehenge; but if you like smooth fast singletrack on trails with names like Voodoo, Outer Limits, Waterfall and Rollercoaster, then prepare to join us and light the fire!

Plus any event that has the potential to finish with a bunch of beer from Oskar Blue Brewing can’t be that bad.

The other race on my radar is the Missoula XC, for a bunch of reasons.  Granted I am officially “done” with the clusterfuck that has become the National Series for MTB in the USofA, but if I had to pick one stop from the Pro XCT series, this would be it.

Missoula is an outdoor enthusiast playground.  Mountain bike and running trails are connected to downtown providing easy access.  The Missoula XC venue is Marshall Mountain, which is a 12 minute drive from downtown and a 30 minute bicycle ride.

First and foremost, riding in Missoula is awesome, I did it for three years, and not a day goes by that I don’t find myself remembering about how amazing the Missoula trails are.  Second is that the minds behind the organization and promotion of this event are second to none.  Mr. MTCX, and JedZilla love bikes just about as much as anyone else, and probably spend the most time promoting cycling and cycling racing in Western Montana.  The course will be top notch, the vibe will better than top notch, and hopefully this will become a race that is part of the National Series for years to come.  And if you do go be sure to stop into the Kettlehouse for some fine beer, personal recommendations include: Fresh Bongwater, DoubleHaul IPA, and Lake Missoula Amber.

Another bike event coming up is the Yeti Beti Bike Bash in Lakewood, CO on June 11 and 12.  Not being a lady I have no place at this event, but I am all for events that are focused on getting more ladies out there on the trail.

Pre-Ride the course with 2x Leadville 100 Winner and Course Record Holder Rebecca Rusch along with her posse of SRAM Pro riders who are coming to Colorado to support this event. Rebecca and her team-mates will be available to discuss race tactics, technique, nutrition, hydration, and race preparation for Sunday’s event. You’ll never find an opportunity like this at another race. Ride and learn from female pros who understand the XX factor!

The weekend looks to include some skills sessions for everyone ranging from beginners to experts, and a pre-ride of the race course on Saturday.  Expect to get some pointers from none other than Rebecca Rusch and the Stans Gals.  Sunday is the race, where all that was learned on Saturday will get put to use.  So if you are a lady who wants to get some MTB pointers or get into racing, or you are a guy who has a girlfriend/wife/significant other that you wouldn’t mind if they could join you on a trail, then this event should be on your radar.

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  1. Cool post. I have heard good things about the Pueblo area. Looks like its time to get up there.