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12 thoughts on “Just as far.

  1. worse really. at least the graffiti art looks cool. if you’re gonna deface public property at least do with some style and panache.

  2. Are we just assuming the cyclist also did the painting? Or, did the cyclist take the photo of his bike next to the painting? Or, does it matter?

    I like the message, I can’t say much for the medium. And, I mean the rather clumsy script – not that fact that it’s paint on a wall. If you’re going to bomb, bomb with pride.

    Just my two cents.

  3. I was kinding of course. in my world there is nothing more righteous than rattle can artistry…no matter the quality. I caint see my gated community from here and my HOA dues are up. mofo.

  4. I could see Picacho Peak from here…

    It was just a happy find in the middle of the I-10 wasteland. For a second I felt that I was not alone. Then I pedaled on into the demoralizing headwind.