OK, I thought I was getting better at this posting and embedding thing, but apparent it was just an illusion. I tried embedding this one, but was unsuccessful after several tries so I’m resorting to just providing the link. Sorry, I’ll keep trying to learn. Thanks for your patience, hopefully the video makes up for it.


Update: vid embedded below.

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11 thoughts on “HUGE

  1. when you go to the embed options on vimeo and youtube you can select “Use old embed code” give that a shot

  2. Nice and amazingly EXACTLY like the Gnomes March 2nd post. Video exactly the same length too but it was embedded.

    Maybe some of the other readers missed it too…..and contributors

  3. I guess I should have looked ahead at the posts, sorry Gnome. Still worth a second look.

  4. I saw that video on 9gag and emailed Gnome the you tube link to that yesterday. That run is nuts and inspiring!!!

  5. Now I really feel stupid for emailing Gnome a link that he had already posted. I’ll running a day late and dollar short on everything.