Ultimo Chilometro

We got this one from Kent over on the DC Facebook page

YouTube Preview Image

Gilbert, Ballan, Cunego, and Big Swiss were all up there. That is a lot of heavy hitters going into a very narrow final kilometer. Gilbert gets the straight baller award for the day. Watch and learn kids.

Velosnooze coverage here.

Milan-San Remo is coming up on March 19th and I can’t wait to see what happens when they all come down that final kilometer.

The Spring Classics cometh!

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8 thoughts on “Ultimo Chilometro

  1. Read the cyclingnoos report, had no idea. Great video, looks like a proper race. Thanks geez.

  2. Goodness, I could take a nap with that soothing Italian sports announcer’s voice in the background on a tiny radio… Fabian is not only a straight baller, he owns the title to the court in his center jersey pocket. Best time trial-ist in the world ain’t no honorific woo-ha.

  3. Gilbert, Ballan, and Cancellara = Big Ballers. Cunego = Piccolo Baller.

  4. I just skyped with Chad yesterday and he said with 50k to go, when it was starting to hit the fan, he got caught behind a crash and double flatted. Bummer, he would probably have made the front group. Kid is off the chain. Remember last year when he attacked the shit out of Levi and Lance at Gila? Awesome stuff