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23 thoughts on “My new hero.

  1. One of my greatest cycling memories is from SSWC08, sitting on a log in the dark talking to Jacquie as she plucked away on the banjo. The following day she raced in a three piece wool suit … never mind “bad ass female” she is a bad ass human

  2. Will be seeing her ( and the rest of the usual suspects ) at SSWXC in Eire this year….looking forward to tea! Jacquie, you rule.

  3. Back in my NorCal racing days, I recall both getting passed and passing her. Always wearing polka dot tights, even in summer.

  4. …jacquie phelan, aka: ‘alice b. toeclips’ definitely is a bad ass human…she & charlie cunningham live a block n’ a half from me & my avatar foto was shot 30 yards from their front door, albeit a good 38 years ago…

    …jacquie might be considered a bit ‘quirky’ by some but the truth is the women is not only highly intelligent & extremely multi-faceted, she still goes out & seriously kicks it on a bike…

    …you can catch up with her here: http://jacquiephelan.wordpress.com/

    …those were all shots of our little town of fairfax or the nearby ‘water district land’ that she was riding around in…plenty of awesome places to ride the road or the dirt…

  5. “… that you have to look a certain way. That’s baloney.” She’s great, and worthy of emulating. Wise woman. On the list of woman legends in cycling I’d like to meet. I’ll keep an eye out for that bike with the orange tires if I’m ever up there.

  6. What Gnome said #9.

    This is an awesome post, a person deserving of the title, ‘True Legend’.

  7. I love it when she said “I am a two wheel person in four wheeled world.”

  8. I got to see her game face at the SSWC08 race. It was awesome. Then again in Durango. It was weird how I felt kinda star struck.
    Would be cool if she joined Judi as a Lady DC Blogger.

  9. Gang! You are all so kind. I love being a goddess, lemme tellya. I think we bikers are all goddesses an’ gods, no? We definitely are wild spirits. So. hey, I’m talkign at Davis CA March 12, Saturday, 4pm (and serving free wine) on the topic: Why Women Love Bicycles”….see the United States Bicycle Hollow fame website, eh? It’s at the Museum, on the corner of B.St. and third. 5 bux admiss… COME!

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  11. Hey,

    Someone saw my link to DC and put my post in the comments! Feeling pretty cool, kind of like when I got my picture on How to Avoid the Bummer Life when Stevil was at the helm…
    I spoke with Jacquie for maybe 5 or 10 minutes in 2003 and that meeting has stuck with me. She is super cool and I’m looking forward to seeing her in Davis along with any of the DC crew that shows up.


  12. JP is rad. Super rad. Super, super, super rad. Always was. I remember seeing the polka dots way early on, and I was like, “that chick is cool!”

  13. I have finally been diagnosed I have peterpanitis (sp) Thanks to a true legend for clearing things up for me. I love the comment about a transportation vehicle and transformation vehicle. What an amazing person I bet she has some amazing stories gonna have to check out her blog.