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I am a writer and a photographer. I never killed a man in Reno, but I once rode a bike through a casino in Vegas. Bikes are cool, huevos rancheros are for breakfast, whiskey is for dinner. Denver, Colorado, USA

22 Replies to “Another Motorist Can’t Handle His Shit.”

  1. It was a critical mass.

    “He drove behind us for two blocks, and people were trying to stay calm. Then in the third block he … floored it on top of everyone,” Marcelo Guidoux Kalil told Folha. “It was a scene of war, with twisted bicycles and people bleeding on the ground.”


  2. I’m astounded at the reserve of the cyclists who were there but not injured. If he tried that in South Africa he would probably not have lived to see the inside of a prison cell. Maybe it’s better to let the law take it’s course. Maybe not.

  3. Good thing this didn’t happen in the US some one might think he was to valuable to society to go to jail

  4. As much as I hate that whole “critical mass/critical stupid” stuff, this is cut and dry.

    Fry the sum-bitch.

  5. Provide me the space and enough materials and a welder and I will produce a giant several dozen human powered MONSTER that can be used to crush cars. Give me 8 months of diligent design-as-you-go engineering, and we can bring this thing out every time something like this happens, to elicit rage and mayhem upon the daily ritual of sacred critical mass that the stinking power-plants that rule the road now have. It ain’t war if you can’t strike back.

  6. Critical masses are kind of dumb, and they don’t really accomplish much of anything, but really, it’s a bunch of HUMANS on those bicycles. Why the aggression? Just fucking go down another street if you can’t handle it.

    I like Gnome’s idea.

  7. …as pointless & moronic as i find our local ‘critical morass’ has come to be, it’s like d2 sez, “…it’s a bunch of HUMANS on those bicycles…Just fucking go down another street if you can’t handle it.”

    …there may yet be a certain validity to holding them as regards their original intent in making the driving population aware of the option that riding a bike is a legitimate form of transportation but i’d suggest it’s done once, maybe twice a year with pre-event media coverage, full cooperation & support from local police agencies & none of the ad-hoc behavior shown by the clowns who always feel the need play the fool amongst those with an actual purpose…

    …perhaps it could be held in conjunction with a ‘ciclovia’ event…a semiannual critical mass on a friday followed by a ciclovia on sunday, again with lots of media coverage…

    …as far as this particular driver, he’s prob’ly gonna have a lotta ‘roommates’ who ride bikes ‘cuz they can’t afford cars…maybe they can help him understand just how dangerous life can be if you’re impulsive & stupid…

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