12 hours into the 24 in Old Pueblo….

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While Dirty, D2 and Gnome rip it up in the Old Pueblo tonight, I thought I’d post a few links I had saved for a while.
In the meantime, just got a text from Dirty: “the 40mph wind is killing me”.
* Updated: 5:58pm (AZtime) DB posted to Facebook: “Sitting in my truck trying to thaw out,48 miles in my legs, sore jaw from shivering..man, I love riding my bike”
* Gnome is 4 laps down.
* Rose, one of the girls on the DC Vixen Team says their 4th girl is out now.
Results being posted here.

Here in the mid-west the weather broke and the sun came out. For the first time in two and a half months, we’ve had NICE outdoor riding weather for the last week. I love the feeling of spring coming on. It’s so exciting, that feeling of being out on the road, riding your bike with some friends, and you know winter is coming to an end. When you’ve been locked inside, sweating it out on rollers, and all of the sudden it’s time to ride outside again, it’s like being a kid all over again.

feb ride 003

I am officially registered for Mohican 100m. It will be harder than the Ironman. I am no longer training with a coach either. I am just gonna fucking do this thing. My friend James is doing it too.

This is James and his trailer train, taking his boys to a b-day party. James’ little boy, Emmett, had a severe brain injury at birth. He’s 7 now and has outgrown the regular kid trailers. James had this rad trailer made by Wicycle.com. They can make special trailers for every kind of need possible. Emmett loves to go riding singletrack with his Dad.


Onto some other news…in case you haven’t heard. This has been sitting in a draft post since the day it came out.

Katie signed with a new team. Congrats to Katie and Mark!

Picture by Giant Bicycles. I like this shot alot.


This has to be the dumbest thing I ever saw. An Eliptigo. Check them out, getting all aero and shit.

YouTube Preview Image

Ron, our LBS owner emailed me tonight, “We sold 6 bikes today and took in a new toy for the shop! A ZH1 20inch trials bike.” The one they bought has silver rims.


I hope Gnome, D2 and Dirty and all the rest of the DrunkCyclists have a great fucking race tonight!!! Next year I will be there! Crank this one up.

Touch me I’m Sick.
YouTube Preview Image

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19 thoughts on “12 hours into the 24 in Old Pueblo….

  1. Hahahahahha just got back from the bar and watched that elliptigo video 3 times. It gets better every time I press play. The music, the facial expressions, the short shorts……..it’s all so perfect. Im reserving mine today!

  2. …gnome isn’t any laps down…he’s exactly where he’s supposed to be or he’d be somewhere else…

    …heard about the wind, which i hope has subsided in the night & i’m also hoping there’s no rain so that big full moon i can see out my window here in california is shining down from a clear sky for all those awesome folks…

    …what a way to appreciate the desert…major props to all…

  3. @pfaff, i just watched that eliptigo video again too and forgot how funny it was. i bet they were hitting some speeds! 30+ for, sure, but if i saw one of these out in the bike lane, i’d have to point and laugh.

  4. Actually that Eliptogo vid looks really cool.

    Not from riding that POS you understand.

    But riding in the sun along a beach.

    I hate North-East winters.

    Damn hedgehog promised me an early Spring.

    Time to break out the stew recipe.

    Bet he tastes like chicken.

  5. …seen several ‘elliptigo’s’ out here i think they’re great for one reason…

    …with those things around, nobody bats an eye @ my alsop softride as i slowly pedal myself into recovery…

    …the problem with ‘elliptigo’s’ as i see it, is if it’s hard to tell your folks you’re gay when you ride roller blades, i can’t imagine how hard it must be when you ‘ride’ one a those…

    “ahhh, mom, dad, i, uhhh…”

    “sorry, son but while the roller blade deal-ly was one thing, there really IS something wrong with that…your mother was just sayin’…”

  6. TripleF, it ain’t a “hedgehog”. They’re not even native to these shores. It’s called a groundhog, a woodchuck or a whistle pig. And no, they don’t taste like chicken. They taste like dirt and rancid fat. You’d know these things if you’d get out of the city once and awhile.

    bgw, the mayor of this stagnant little cesspool of inbreeding has been seen riding one of those abortions. He’s basically a good guy; been on the church advisory council with him and he’s also the town vet. Keeps my three cats fat and sassy. Oh yeah, he was my brother-in-law’s college roommate. Suffice to say, I like the guy.

    But when I see him riding that joke of a sidewalk toy that is neither fish nor fowl, I want to bring my ulock down on his head, smartly and repeatedly, until one or the other can not be recognized.

  7. I’d love to leave the city but every time I do I hear a banjo playing.

    The country-side and jail are 2 places I avoid. I don’t need to know how pretty my mouth is.

    Bet you can say Weeeeeeee real good joe.

  8. Wow, I had never seen the slideshow Dara and James created about Emmett. It made me cry (shh, don’t tell!)- really one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever watched. They are an awesome family.

  9. Poo poo to anything new….
    WTF: Segway, Stairmaster, baby wheel scooters, mini-motorcycles…
    This ellipto-rig looks like it might be actually a useful design, but I wouldn’t be caught dead waiting for the light to change on one of ’em.

  10. Oh right, fff. All the smart people live in the city and all the dumb ones live in the country. Everyone knows that. What was I thinking?

    But it does beg the question-Why is it that on Friday evening there’s all this traffic coming FROM the city, and on Sunday night the roads are choked going BACK? Maybe they know something you don’t. Nah, that COULDN’T be it…

  11. “and on Sunday night the roads are choked going BACK?”

    Maybe they all like going Weeeeee too.

    It was a fucking joke.


    And what does intelligence have to do with sexual orientation or whatever perversity occurred in Deliverance ?

  12. Damned if I know. But the banjo player you alluded to was obviously mentally challenged. The “pretty mouth” and “weeee” comments are self-explanatory. You and your schoolyard chums tend to paint with a pretty broad brush in your attempts at “humor”. Jesus, boy, you want I should draw you a picture?

    Why don’t you take up stamp collecting or some shit and stink up a different forum for awhile?

  13. @joe


    You actually got thru a whole post and didn’t once mention you ride a single or a fixed or some fucking shit.

    Another 27 days of rehab and we’ll let you go.