BICAS Wins Again! and The Monster Cross Problem

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I had more than one reason to hit up BICAS. So I did, and for the hundredth or so time up and down this coast I asked, “Do you have a 1″ threadless riser stem?” And, of course the answer was: “Check the bucket.” I could not believe my caliper reading. A rare rare item.

This was a score. Not only have I been looking for this for years, but it was only $4 and it is a Salsa. While some ‘community’ bike shops out there get shit for free and sell it for bank – BICAS represents and keeps the prices *low* – – the last place you’ll find a new KMC chain for $10. Grips for Guido: $3. Used chain: (a SRAM PC970 with 70% life left) $1. The place is turning more and more pro every year but BICAS is NOT selling out. I love BICAS. Thank you for making my bike fit better and hooking my friend up, too. Sure, I could have long ago plunked down $80 for a Race Face or some other inch-and-eighth utilizing a spacer, but people – not only are you dealing with a real bike purist who must have the one inch – I also heard my dad say long ago, and more than once:

“Good things come to he who waits”

what a sweet, sweet find.  Happy.
what a sweet, sweet find. Happy.

Now onto a sticky issue I’m calling “The monster cross problem”. In Seattle I bought a pair of 45c cross tires and the fork clears; the rear won’t. I need a smaller tire, less than 40c in width. I want monster cross tires on my rig so here’s what I have in mind… someone maybe in Southern AZ has a pair of smaller fold-able cross tires and wants a fatter tire up front. Let’s trade a tire for a tire. Or the pair. I paid $70 for these tires, and they’re new.

Great tires
Great tires

By the way, there’s a classic Gilmour on Craigslist in Tucson. I know Andy. He lent me a #1 size brazing tip once. He builds good bikes. If I was without a bike and tall, I’d get this in a second: Matching pump even Andy Gilmour – Tucson’s longest lasting frame builder: Gilmour bicycles.

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9 Replies to “BICAS Wins Again! and The Monster Cross Problem”

  1. Hold on. Super Record on a stupid big Gilmour for $550? I know one tall bastard that has $550. Mofo better ought teh geed on it.
    $550 Gilmour

  2. I might buy it just for the super record. I can pick it up and hold it for you if it ain’t gone already.

  3. Smokin Deal……

    Why has NO ONE on this lame site mentioned the fact that the Conquistador
    Alberto Contador has been cleared of all charges, retains his title, and will be racing this year…Come on Guys get with it…..

  4. …@nik…i agree that gianni &/or gnomer (despite both heading out a’ town for the weekend) should a’ thrown up a quick post as regards the slimy spaniards tale…

    …it was discussed by a few of us on the ‘pantani’ post yesterday but it’s both significant & historical enough to have a titled piece…

    …when i read “…following the Spanish federation’s judgment that his one-year ban for doping should be overturned, Contador described the decision as ‘a great step forwards for our sport’…”, i am absolutely disgusted by the rider, the spanish federation & every fucking crap spanish politico who stuck their big nose in it…

    …it’s cultural…if he’d been a german, his fans, the federation & the german political machine would have branded & crucified him for the pariah he is…

    …in spain they put him on a pedestal & extol his “virtues”

    …fuck ’em…

  5. Velonews dot com. velonews dot com. Not hard to find. Not drunk cyclist, which is not a lame site.
    I use the term ‘don’t give a flying fuck’ a lot and that’s the way I feel about Contador right about these days. I’m more excited about the 24 hour race coming up!! YEAH YEAH YEAH!!

  6. nice stem!! i picked up a riser about 1/2 as long at a local swap meet here in MN for $5, awesome. it was a 1″ too – hard to find!

    definitely not stupid big, probably 62 or thereabouts