Race report from the crew


This past weekend the RideClean team won the Valley of The Sun Stage Race. It was fucking awesome. I got to watch from the sidelines and it was the best bike race ever where I never even sat on a bike — just handed out bottles and yelled til I was hoarse. After Fridays time trial the team had Zeus in 2nd and Moist Paul in 5th – and even a bald cat 3 like me knows that is two nice bullets in the gun.

So, we go to Saturdays road race and quick as a wink Moist Paul and teammate J-Rod are in the 12 man break that puts 6 minutes into the field. At 43 years old (that is not a typo) Moist Paul was happy to take a couple pointers from the Junior J-Rod and used the advice and his 430 watt motor to lose no time over the other threat in the break.

Let’s go to Sunday. Would it surprise anyone to know that I could take three FULL pages here to recount the threats and fucking bullshit riding that took place in an attempt to unseat the old man? Well, well, well… Not to be… Winner winner chicken dinner and Moist Paul walked away with the “W”. Granted its ONLY an Arizona race… But it is OUR Arizona race, and the whole team rode with a single purpose. Rocket Ron, J-Rod, Glicksta, Zeus and Moist Paul — all of ’em.

So, today when I finally went to wash out the coolers it put a big smile on my face to see the empty bottles, the old coke, and the trash floating in the bottom. Detritus of the race. Guys – i’m happy to do it all over again. Class Fucking Act…

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10 thoughts on “Race report from the crew

  1. EXACTLY what I needed to read… I’ve been pissed all day about the whole Contador thing. Being reminded about the Pure Fucking Joy that can be found in our sport has me ready to hit the trails tomorrow with a smile on my face.

    Thanks Marty. Thanks Ride Clean. Thanks Drunk Cyclist.

  2. …props to the guys on ‘team ride clean’

    …it’s nice to see the commitment to integrity & although “…Granted its ONLY an Arizona race…”, it goes without sayin’ that everyone’s giving it their all…

  3. That writting was better than our riding! Great recap, Marty! I hope you were kddi g about o ly being an Az race, as it felt like we just won Paris Roubaix!


  4. @BGW & @Paul Thomas — that was totally tongue in cheek and was directed at negative comments made in light of the victory… there’s no hating from me! thks for the love PT!

  5. Only Arizona? I’d like to see how the French and Italians handle this heat. There’s some great riders here, and I’m so happy to see Ride Clean doing it well.

  6. …@marty…sounds like your mates would give their ‘all’, even in a beer race, ya ???…