I don’t think Jesco White likes V-day

What a crazy son of a bitch, but this vids perfect for V-day on a Monday.

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update- More love from man kind.

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6 thoughts on “I don’t think Jesco White likes V-day

  1. “love that guy” ??

    Man’s a fucking inbreed white trash wife beater !!

    We had shitloads of them back home.

    In my 25 years of marriage I have NEVER raised my hand to the woman that I love, NEVER.

    I can not understand you are glorifying this guy.

  2. I put Jesco up because I assumed he didn’t like V-Day. I don’t have any high fives to hand to him but man, that is one raw ruthless mother fucker- If what he say’s doesn’t make you upset then there is something wrong with ya. Seeing the fucked up shit is what lets up really enjoy the things we actually savor in life.

    nice work on being married for 25yrs and using the phrase “the woman I love”- not many can say that.

    Also, I don’t think Mike likes wife beaters, I think he loves the crazy shit that comes out of Jesco’s mouth.

  3. Yep, someone should or probably has done a study on the fascination human beings have for the human-train-wreck people like Jesco . Caveman, I checked out The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia after your post several months ago and could not stop watching it. After the first viewing, I rewound and watched my favorite parts over again.

    @Hurben, you’re right. jesco is an inbred white trash wife beater.
    But you aint got no sense of humor if you think Jesco’s comment aint funny

    “It aint been easy livin with you all this time the things that you done to me Tryin to pick at my brain, WHAT LITTLE BITS LEFT OF IT!”

    Man’s best friend gets even on Valentine’s Day.


  4. Heh, I like that u tell it how it is and do not try to sugar coat it. Btw, this post must be getting some traffic because I found it on the first page of yahoo