building some two wheeled machines

I dig the the craftsman that love building bikes as much as riding em’. here are a couple videos that I’ve come across in the last couple weeks that were passed on to me. This first one is just fucking fantastic to watch- beautifully done. It’s a must see…

This second video is really amazing to watch also. You can tell that Sean Walling, owner of Soulcraft doesn’t fuck around when building a frame and either does his Michael Evans with his filming skillz.

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9 thoughts on “building some two wheeled machines

  1. That first one, the Kimura one, is all things awesome. We’ve been watching it at work for a couple of months ’cause we produce videos like that for some clients. I sent it off to Stevel at AHTBM. Cool to see that it’s making the rounds – so applicable in the bikes context.

  2. Rad Krosm, I had a art director send it to me last night and it blew my mind- very well done. Probably gonna be watching it a few more times like you have been doing. I’ve been playing around with that style of video work also.

  3. Look for more info on Shinya…he a fucking genius. He re-purposes old moto and car parts for his bikes. That’s an old exhaust manifold on the bike in the video. Mad skills…

  4. Nahbs… Two weeks… Richmond last year was ok but I expect Austin to have a lot more going on….

  5. I cannot wait for NAHBS. It’s going to be a good break from school. Any DC’ers who are going, get my email from BJ, and I can show you some trails. (that is if you don’t mind riding with someone who’s just coming off the couch, er office chair…)