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Back in September, at Interbike, I drank some whiskey with some pretty cool guys. I only got pictures of a few of them, and forgot almost all the rest. Then a few weeks ago I was pedaling my townie to the pub when I had a bit of a whiskey flashback. It dawned on me that I threw back  some Old Grand Dad at the AHTBM party with the publisher of my favorite bike magazine, Dirt Rag. Ya see, Dirt Rag has a new sister publication called Bicycle Times and I am pretty excited about it. I drunkenly expressed my excitement for the new magazine to Maurice. Also how I felt like I was a little late to the party on this one because I had never read an issue until this summer.  He offered to send me some back issues if I just drop him an email. Then I drank more bourbon and forgot.  Even though my little flashback was a solid 3 months after we talked, I decided  to send him an email anyway.  Sure enough, he came though and this showed up at my front door:

sticker times

Every issue is filled with awesome bike-geek goodness. I have officially read all of them front to back and back to front. I may even be a little bit smarter now because of it. Great stories and gear reviews on everything from commuting to touring along with list of group rides and even some advocacy. Picture a Dirt Rag for the pavement. Bicycle Times just has better ring to it that Pavement Rag.

They also have made the biggest innovation in wasting time at work since solitaire with the addition of digital subscriptions. Both Bicycle Times and Dirt Rag are now available to download. This is going to come in pretty handy when I’m on the road.

Dirt Rag and DC have been friends for along time and I would encourage you to check out a copy of BT. It uses the time tested format refined over the years at Dirt Rag and then assembled by people that actually ride their bikes. It is pretty great to have a magazine out there that is dedicated to bicycles as a lifestyle and transportation, not just recreation.

Keep it dirty…

*all stickers were handed out at the 3rd Friday Ride. You should have been there.

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I am a fan of singletrack, singlespeeds and single malt. Currently in Asheville, NC

17 thoughts on “good TIMES

  1. dirt rag forum used to be all about politics. Then their boy got elected. So they shut that down. Liberals for ya.

  2. Dirt Rag is cool. Bicycle Times is cool. Politics is a waste of time no matter who’s in office. Beer is calling.

  3. And your point as it pertains to this post?
    (Or are you just trolling?)

    Solid mags, the both of them. Consistently. Not an easy thing to do in our world…

  4. @Joe, as I recall you had something to do with that. Just sayin’…

    D2+1 with one caveat: discussing politics on the internet is a waste of time. Lord knows I’ve been sucked into it plenty (and will be again, I’m sure), sometimes I have time to waste, sometimes I don’t. Right now, I don’t. It doesn’t do much but raise my blood pressure.

  5. There’s a magazine called Bikemonkey out of NorCal. Last year at Sea Otter someone passed me a copy of it with the words “It’s like Dirt Rag before they sold out.” Not that I’m bagging on Dirt Rag, it was the go-to rag when I started riding in NY/ PA in the 90’s.
    Bikemonkey is like Surfer’s Journal for the two wheelers. Worth keeping an eye out. It’s my new fav.

  6. el jefe, if holding to my principles means I don’t fit in, so be it.

    That is all.

  7. The hijacking of threads is getting really old with political bullshit. Stop talking about, be about it.

  8. Dirty, I hope you were able to get back issues to #1, as I had an essay published in the first one. “From the Saddle of My Bike”.

    The folks in western PA know how to put a mag together…

  9. I had a subscription to Bicycle times, once it came time to renewal it all went to shit. These arseholes couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery, which disapoints me as I also have a subsription to DirtRsg.

  10. I started buying Bicycle Times at the local Walmart believe it or not. Have the first 5-6 issues somewhere. Then they stopped carrying it.

    I really liked the mag and I thought of subscribing, but I got this fly-by-night impression somehow and decided against.

  11. I’ve flipped through a couple issues of Buysickle Thymes. For awhile they were making a halfhearted effort at being relevent to folks who actually go places on a bike. Caught the most recent issue, though, and it’s like they just can’t find their direction. If they REALLY want to be Urban Velo maybe they should hire back Brad and Jeff.

    As to Dirt Rag, I can only read so many reviews of four and five thousand dollar dual squish bikes before they all start to look the same.

  12. Q: How to make a million bucks in the magazine publishing business?

    A: Start with two million.

    No thank you.