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20 thoughts on “Fuck You meets ASL

  1. Song don’t sound so bad when it ain’t censored. Is this the guy from that other band singing?

  2. that was great! I wired an Art gallery here in ATX, at the opening they played some Busta Rymes track in the elevator on a video with some gal sign-ing it it was so effing rad! i’ll try to find a link and send in

  3. As someone who lives right across the street from the Maryland school for the deaf i can do nothing but love this. Living in a deaf neighborhood for the last 5 years has shown me a community that few hearing people ever get to see..Cool vid..

  4. No joe, just an old dude with lyme disease and a singlespeed … to chicken shit for a fixed gear..

  5. greg, there ain’t nothin’ scary about a fixed gear. Crap, I’ll be 60 and I’m arthritic as all fuck. But whatever blows your skirt up, I reckon. It’s all good, long as there’s two wheels and a crank.

    So what do you ride and where do you ride it?

  6. its nothin to do with my knees ..im just spastic as fuck

    voodoo singlespeed bastard 69’r, all rigid like..
    single speed kelly cross
    kelly cross with gears
    colnago stashed in florida that i dont ride nearly enough.

    I ride in fred still, up on the hill, once a week, (or road in summer, in the lewistown area) Married now so i live in baltimore and ride loch raven, gunpowder and some secret trails off of 43. Are you a local??

  7. Its not my knees or anything, im just spastic as fuck.. and i like how loud my hub is.

    I have a bastard voodoo 69’r singlespeed. rigid like.
    kelly cross , singlespeed
    kelly cross , with gears
    and a colnago in florida that collects dust in my parents garage.

    Im still riding once or twice a week in Fred eventhough i got married and live in Balt.now.. Usually a mountain ride up on the hill. or in the summer road rides in lewistown area. I also ride at gunpowder, loch raven, and some secret trails off of 43. once in a while ill hit shaefer, cuz its close to my cousins house. fred is still my favorite. ..Are you local??

  8. Well I still say if I can do it anyone can, and I’d still bet a steak dinner most folks would love fixed if they tried. But I got geared bikes too. I’m putting my old HooKoo back together now with 3×7, friction thumbies and rigid fork for backroad touring. Horses for courses and like that there. But whatever works, and it sounds like you’ve got a heck of a nice stable.

    Local? Meh, I was in Frederick every day when I was working (is it recovery yet?) but those hundred mile round trips really sting when they don’t come with a paycheck. I live in Hancock, actually.

  9. Nice little town..and away from the mess of the quagmire. My wife has some family up there. Man i just unloaded a whole bunch of old parts at the Westminster swap last year.. I coulda helped you..

  10. Funny you should mention that. I’ve got a bunch of nice old stuff I’ll probably never use. I should take it to the swap, but the minute I get rid of it I’ll need something, sure as shit.