tbags and tweed

I got an email today from my buddy Ryan over at T.B.A.G. letting me know about their 3rd Friday Group Ride that is going down tomorrow night. If you are in the greater Phoenix area, this is definitely something to check out.  Beers and bikes on a Friday night, I’m there.

tall tbags

He also informed me that next month is their Second Annual Tweed Ride.

… Dapper gentlemen and ladies in their finest sporting threads will travel to the best local establishments for food and libations. More info coming soon. Keep an eye on biketempe.org or join the Tempe Bicycle Action Group fan page on Facebook.

I didn’t exactly know what a Tweed Ride was so I dug up some video to see. Here is one I found from Washington DC last year:

Start thrift store shopping now for some new school clothes. I think it will be a fine day on a bike.

I hope to see a few of you local kids out there tomorrow night. Keep it dirty…

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10 thoughts on “tbags and tweed

  1. A ROAD DOUBLE??? On a TWEED RIDE, FFS???!!! Any person of breeding knows that tweed rides are done only on the finest bespoke bicycles which are only to be equipped with Sturmey Archer fiddly bits.

  2. Big Jonny raises a fascinating point: are drivers more or less aggressive and homicidal toward cyclists dressed like lawyers? I could see it going either way— I wonder where the balance lies?

  3. Mikey, I’ve ridden everywhere under just about any conditions you’d care to name. It’s my considered opinion that your typical motorist can’t see beyond the bike.

  4. …there was a study that showed that motorists tended to give cyclists without helmets a little more room…

    …the basic consensus was that they saw helmet wearers as being better protected (quite rightly) should anything occur so they gave them less leeway…

    …i’d suggest (which doesn’t mean shit) that attired in tweed & wearing a jaunty bespoke cap or bonnet would offer one a modicum of extra protection…

    …but don’t take that to the bank unless you use ‘house of rothschilds’

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